The Brook Bennett story.

At a time when most parents are wondering how to protect their children from online dangers such as Myspace or other social networking sites, kids now have to wonder if the online predator luring them is a family member, like Uncle Michael Jacques or Stepdad Ray Gagnon. Children really have it rough when they can not count on those her are suppose to protect them like mom. Mom in this case is Cassandra Gagnon, a mother who was married to Ray Gagnon and whose sister is currently married to Michael Jacques. Both sisters decided on sex offenders and pedophiles for their choice in a mate.

This entry will not include much as far as links to Press Conferences etc, I will try to include a few helpful things like this affidavit. It will cover my views and thoughts on this case since June 25, 2008. The concocted story of a hospital visit was my first clue, not many twelve year olds would come up with that one, coupled with knowing her uncle was the last person to see her, I immediately suspected him of having everything to do with her disappearance. I questioned why she was spending the night with him, at the time I did not know he was a registered sex offender nor did I know the details why he was, momma sure did. That did not stop her from allowing Brooke to spend the night in the home of a sexual offender.

Almost, well actually that very day, I received a phone call and the person I talked to brought up the Brooke Bennett case and was wondering if I had knowledge of it. It was both of our opinions that Brooke would not be found alive. Our first instincts became true as we now today that authorities in Vermont have found the body belonging to Brooke, autopsy will confirm later.

Having seen some of the news come out and how Brooke was to be initiated into a sex ring, I caution everyone to use logic on what really was happening and how it came to happen. First of all, I believe Brooke was sexually assaulted on the evening of June 24, 2008. The following day she was seen on video surveillance with her Uncle and she clearly looked to already be uncomfortable. The story that Vermont state police are going on is that of a 14 year old girl who helped the Uncle lure Brooke back to his home. Much of what she is saying is true, I am not convinced that 100% of what she has told is correct. This Uncle and all his perversions could not have waited patiently through the night into the following day, setting up his presence on video to then go home in the afternoon and have sex, that term does not even write well, he could not wait that long to abuse and rape Brooke.  No in my mind, he had his way with her the night before, the following day when he no longer wanted Brooke she was to be passed off to other members of the sex ring, most likely Ray Gagnon, otherwise why would he be trying to obstruct justice by getting rid of evidence.

There are tons of articles/stories on these events, more will be coming out, I hope that mommy dearest, Cassandra Gagnon will be charged as well as Denise Jacques, both of these sisters knew exactly what their husbands and former husbands were capable of yet they did nothing. They actually facilitated the abuse and murder of Brooke Bennett and the sexual abuse of A.R. Brooke’s 14 year old cousin who lured Brooke to her death.

To be continued

ETA Just read the affidavid on Ray Gagnon and what I expected and wrote above, we now know that 14 year old cousin has lied and recently to the Vermont State Police in the course of their investigation, like I said above, I believe a lot of what she has to say not everything and at this time I do not feel the true story is out there.


What happened to Kelsey Smith?Edwin R Hall AKA “JACK” has been arrested and charged with the strangulation murder of Kelsey Smith. LE has made statements that Kelsey and Edwin Hall did not know each other prior to the incident caught on tape. There is no doubt that the man in jail is one and the same as the JACK person portrayed on Myspace. LE has stated that this person is one and the same as that person who is seen entering and exiting the Target store. The abduction video on Youtube is hard to tell what is really going on. I have read many different interpretations to what happened as well as many who can not even see the victim or Edwin. LE has the fortunate ability to have the video enhanced and are able to view it much better than the online video available. Clearly the video is not as clear as the Carlie Brucia video was of the actual abduction. Maybe with time we will be able to see a clear abduction with the same enhancements that were made to the Brucia video.

Why did Jack pick Kelsey?

This case is ongoing but from what is known now, there is not any prior connection. The word stalking has been used in this case and normally stalking means, targeting someone you know and following them. Although celebrity stalking involves strangers becoming obsessed with a person they most likely have not had any previous contact with.

Video of Kelsey entering Target is very clear and clean. This video gives us our best answer as to why Kelsey was chosen. One thing that comes to mind is the old Nair commercial, “We Wear Short Shorts.” Clearly there was nothing wrong with her attire and any well maybe not any female should wear short shorts, there is no reason to expect that it would rise to a level in which one was abducted. Remember the sick person is Edwin R. Hall if indeed he is the one responsible. The pending autopsy should provide strong evidence towards his apparent guilt.

Crimes of this nature, are driven by choice. They are not a random opportunity or an eenie meenie minie moe selection process. So we have to ask ourselves, is it necessary to dress with a burlap sack to prevent someone from paying us attention if we are cute? There is no doubt that Jack picked Kelsey because he was attracted to her. Would he have noticed her had she been dressed more conservatively? These questions are sort of like Monday quarterbacking. My own wife changes clothes that she wears around the house or outside when she goes to Walmart or anywhere else in public. Should women have to feel this way?


Everyone knows that Myspace is the most evil place on the planet and if you have a profile that is odd or different, then you are an outcast and most likely a murderer and a child molester. Before Jack was outed in this case, there were several other people who were outed as possible people that were responsible for killing Kelsey. Since Jack has been outed, there are still new people with their profiles being tied to the killing of this young girl. Even friends of hers on Facebook are being said to be connected with her killing. Thats the beast of the Internet, anyone with a computer can post anything without repercussion for the most part. With the five to ten profiles that have been tied to her murder, we know only one person is responsible so many innocent people have had their lives changed unfairly and even possible death threats. Does Myspace even have any connection to this case? NO and I am sure when trial comes around all those will see that it does not play a part at all in this proceeding. So to all the those who have too much time on their hands and think they are crime solving, pay attention to the lives that you may be hurting that have no involvement.

The Wife and Son

Mr. Hall is married and has a four year old son and from all accounts was and has been a very good father. If he did abduct Kelsey that night and kill her, his son is a victim. His wife as well has been put under the knife and scrutinized for every single word she posted on her myspace. It is clear that she had nothing to do with this case and she does not deserve to be outed via the Internet.

Who is Edwin R. Hall?

Many details have emerged over the past twenty-four hours as to his troubled past. He was adopted into a home at age seven, prior to that he was in state custody. What happened to Edwin before age seven is what interests me most. I have not heard about his life before age seven. The Halls have mentioned the reason they chose Edwin was they hoped they could change his life for the better. Right now I can only speculate as to what he may have faced as a toddler. An interesting article from Des Moines lists many troubling events from age seven on up til he was fifteen and removed from the Hall’s. He was then back in four different correctional facilities until he was 18.

These two paragraphs had particular meaning with this case, especially the latter.

Iva Rath of Sioux City said Hall briefly dated her teenage daughter. She said the two broke up after Hall admitted he was married and had a 2-year-old child.

Rath said her daughter met Hall at a Sioux City shopping center. She said he was working for a cabinet-making company in Sergeant Bluff and was living with a friend at a Sioux City motel.

Edwin met this girl at a mall shopping center, much like he met Kelsey Smith at the Target shopping center.

One of the repeated and much debated things in the Kelsey Smith case is how did Hall get Kelsey to become “compliant?” To this there is no end to the wild theories and some not so wild. A stun gun, knocking her out, tying her to the steering wheel and the list goes on. The video I have seen is not clear enough for me to render an opinion of what happened. Here is where the controversy comes in, how did Edwin get Kelsey to drive with him or her for twenty miles to the murder location across state lines? Was he charming like Ted Bundy? The video looks like he bum rushed Kelsey but that remains to be seen.

Edwin R. Hall Serial Killer?

Personally I do not believe Edwin to be a prolific serial killer. Has Edwin ever killed before? Possibly but I hope not. Looking at the Kelsey Smith abduction and murder, this crime was sloppy, not planned out and downright lazy. It looks more like a crime of opportunity and something went wrong. Did Edwin feel that Kelsey would go along with his advances like girls had done in the past? and when she did not go along with his advances, he then killed her? Too many questions, many of which will be answered by the autopsy report. There is one case/abduction of a Kansas girl named Kara Kopetsky that I believe there is a strong chance that Edwin may be involved with. I hope I am wrong and hope that Edwin has not killed before if he indeed killed Kelsey which seems apparent, however all the facts are not in.

The Abuse Excuse

It is thrown out there all the time! I hate to see it used to attempt to excuse behavior. However it will continue to be raised. In the case of Mary Winkler, it was raised, and the mere mention of events (never proven) was enough to let her get away with murder. Mary did not have a troubled past and there was nothing in her entire life that documented abuse, nevertheless, a jury in Tennessee let her off scott-free. Hall has had a very troubled past and there was probably a very abusive past of him as a toddler and that is why at age seven he was in the custody of the state. I hate to use the word sociopath but I believe it fits with Hall. He displayed that in this crime. He went about things matter of factly, not to be confused with methodical. The lazy part is what made Edwin stupid, many would use the word brazen to describe him. He drove back to drop off Kelsey’s car and pick up his truck, thank goodness Edwin was not a walker and had he chose to park a few blocks away, there would not be video of him returning and picking up his truck when he did.


The Melinda and Trenton Duckett Story
Melinda and Trenton Duckett

A picture is said to say a 1000 words, this picture shows an absolutely beautiful time shared between Melinda and Trent. A Kodak moment if you will, a moment in time, so precious and one I wish we could turn back to.

Trenton Duckett went missing on August 27, 2006, during the evening hours. Melinda is said to have put Trenton to bed at 7:PM. He was reported as being abducted very early on in this case. The Leesburg police department stated

“In the 21 years I’ve been here, we have never been looking at anything like a potential abduction-type case where it may be a stranger,” Leesburg police Capt. Steve Rockefeller said. “We have had parent involvement, parent interference and other domestic-type situations. Obviously we are looking at all angles in this case and we just want to get Trenton home.”

If you read between the lines, it is clear the direction that the Leesburg PD thought this case would take. There was also news of Joshua Duckett the boys father James Duckett on death row early on and the fact that his own father was on death row. Joshua was took a polygraph early on (that was said to be favorable) and Melinda allegedly refused to take a polygraph.

On Sept. 4, 2006, the National Voice For Children received this email from Melinda Duckett.



The NVFC sent this email to Melinda in response.

The information on Trenton’s poster comes from the NCMEC, I can remove the mark that is mentioned. Please let me know if there is any way we can help get the word out more.

After looking at Trenton’s picture, there was clearly not a mole (Trenton has a small mark over his left eye) as the NCMEC poster mentioned, so this was removed from the poster that the NVFC put up for him.

I knew the email was legitimate and did come from Melinda, it was short and to the point, an outsider would have tried to be more convincing and i would expect a longer email.

What stood out to me was Melinda was concerned about her son’s appearance. The subject line was “MY SON”, all caps were used in her email, perhaps a mistake of leaving the lock on for caps. Her email did give an easy find to her Myspace account which was set to private.

Melinda Myspace

This is the one picture that Melinda had on her profile page, I was able to find several comments Melinda made. She did love her son, she referred to him as “Trent”, I had not heard this before.

I spoke with a detective today for the Leesburg PD and we were comparing notes on this case,I did feel that the FBI and local LE would have the information that I had, my call to them was to confirm this. They did call back and we went over the case and what I knew, they also knew these things which did not come as a surprise to me.

Melinda’s Myspace postings IMO show a very normal young mother and she did not appear to have any troubles. She did mention a few times her difficulties with holding down two jobs while taking care of Trent also. She also posted an invitation to Trent’s birthday party, it was held August 14, 2006, less than two weeks before he disappeared.
I have chosen not to link her Myspace page nor the pages to her comments on friends pages, I see Nancy Grace is showing her Myspace. NG transcripts here I will just leave it at that. The phone numbers were also x’ed out by me.

8/3/2006 1:59 PM

You are invited to Trenton Ducketts 2nd birthday party on Monday, August 14th, 2006. It will be held in Venetian Gardens at the playground, starting at five oclock. Bring as many friends and family members as you would like to and food will be served so bring a dish to pass.

This festivity will also include Melindas 21st birthday.

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.
Melinda: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Cara: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Or send message via myspace

Thank you.

8/13/2006 8:29 AM


Melinda on her life one month before Trent went missing MEE KEE ONG LEE

7/25/2006 2:46 AM

Workin and school….Trent and more work. That just about sums it up. The last month I’ve totally lost my social life so I’m trying desparately to reclaim some of it. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week though…weekends are always good to look forward to.

This is so hard, I don’t know what went wrong, Melinda did express difficulties with trying to do too much. Today Melinda Duckett is not with us anymore, her body was found at her grandparents home, cause of death has not been released but suicide will most likely turn out to be the cause of death.

well, not much to report, busy with work and ready to die from exhaustion. i can’t seem to find time to sleep anymore. i was thinking though, i may quite after a few months with my second job or the first, depending on how things go. we’ll see. honestly i want to keep both if i had more time to do school and take care of trent.

Melinda may have been selling a few things to get money for Trent’s birthday party, here is an end table she had on Yahoo, notice the day it was added, one day before the birthday party.


If you read the invitation to Trenton’s birthday party, it is clear that she placed Trenton before herself, there is just a mere mention of her own birthday being celebrated at the same time. If you read over many of the cases here on this blog, you will find many parents that have abused their children, most of which have turned out to be murder. Melinda Duckett was not one of these parents. I do not know what went wrong and I hope that Trenton is healthy. Having a young child, working two jobs and going to school, is far too much pressure for a 21 year old girl to have. I feel sorry for Melinda and this will not change, I do not know that she had anything to do with Trenton’s disappearance.

I do know she loved very much a little boy named Trent and I wish she was alive today to share more moments like they shared “YESTERDAY”

Melinda and Trenton

The NVFC has a banner for Trenton, we encourage web sites to use it and hope Trenton can be found safe.

Trenton Duckett

Two years is enough time for a case to have been considered to have gone cold. Police in Syracuse New York say that if you commit a crime in their town they will not stop until the case is solved.

Maryann Valentin was shot and killed in the early morning hours of August 23, 2004. Her body was found in a parking lot of the apartment building that she lived in. Hundreds of leads poured in over the years. Calvin Moore who is currently in jail on other charges, is now charged with second degree murder in the death of Maryann Valentin. It is alleged that he and Maryann had a dispute over drug money. Knowing what the dispute was about now, it seems hard to believe this case could have remained cold for nearly two years.

Jennifer Stelter

Jennifer Stelter215159400_m.jpgis also charged in this case, she has been charged as an accessory after the crime, she drove the get-away-car. Jennifer has a Myspace webpage and her signature is “The Greatest Sin is Fear”. Jennifer does not seem the type to get mixed up with a two-bit street thug like Calvin. Also listed on her profile is Jennifer Stelter, 23, of Baldwinsville exactly how her name and age is in the police arrest sated below from the source article.

Police also arrested Jennifer Stelter, 23, of Baldwinsville

I am pretty sure that Jennifer Stelter, 23, of Baldwinsville is the one and only Jennifer Stelter, Baldwinsville.

Jennifer Stelter has her own dance studio and and she has an online website. Here is how she lists her companies on Myspace.
Jennifer’s Companies
Jean Stelter Dance Studio
Baldwinsville, new york US
Dance Instructor/Choreographer, Assistant Director
Sept. 1998-Now

Jean is also a “Member of the Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce” as stated on her site. The dance studio is named “Jean Stelter.”

Jennifer does not at all seem like the type that got mixed up in this, she was two years younger which would place her age at 21 at the time of the murder. She may have had some troubled times but she seems far away from this murder by looking at her Myspace profile. In fact her Myspace was logged into today, maybe by her maybe by LE. That night in August 2004, Jennifer may have had no idea as to what Calvin was doing, she may have driven off in a panic and Calvin may have threatened her if she ever dared to say anything.

I have know idea what will come of her arrest, she may be involved or may be a lot more innocent than we think.
Jenn’s apparent mugshot.
Jennifer Stelter
Syracuse Police make an arrest in 2004 murder

Dakota Fanning

Part 11 What Happened to Raven Jeffries?

Dakota Fanning Hounddog

Molding a child star is a very difficult task, one that some parents exploit, just ask Gary Coleman about being exploited by mom and dad. In fact all of the “Different Strokes” child actors have had their share of trouble. Todd Bridges had many run ins with the law and Dana Plato is no longer living due to her problematic life that followed her downfall after the show. Then you have McCulley Culkin who should not have had too much trouble with his life as the films he was in early on were family movies but yet he has had a difficult young adult life. Click on link here to read about many troubled young stars.

Throw Dakota Fanning into the picture, she has already had difficult roles that may cause her problems later on in life from dealing with adult situations in films like “Hide and Seek” and “Man on Fire”. Now she is being raped in “Hounddog” and many people are upset about this film. They argue about how a child as young as twelve can separate fact from fiction. The twelve year old actress is seen in several violent scenes wearing only her panties.

Joy Fanning her mother thinks this role may win her daughter an Oscar, well no doubt it will add to mom’s bank account. Dakota has earned over half a billion dollars in her short career.

Can the film do any good? I think it possibly can but this is hard to say without seeing it. Realistically children much younger than twelve are getting raped and even young men in Iraq are raping children as young as fourteen year old Abeer Qasim Hamza. The film could possibly have a positive effect on society as a wake up call to a problem that seems to be getting worse each day.

Most of the time when a child is raped, they are then subsequently murdered to cover up the rape crime. This recently happened with Destiny Norton, Jamie Bolin, Taylor Behl, Alejandra Gutierrez, Adre’Anna Jackson and Evelyn Miller.

Part 11 What Happened to Raven Jeffries?

I started out writing about Raven last week and so the writing was based on facts not in evidence when I started writing. My suspicions were right when the autopsy confirmed that the body found belonged to Raven. I hope that her body was not burned to badly where police are not able to determine what happened. I believe Raven was sexually abused and she was murdered to cover up that secret.

Most crimes are motivated by three factors in my experience.
1.) Wealth
2.) Greed
3.) Anger

As soon as I named the three factors, my mind went immediately to the movie “Seven” and the Seven Deadly Sins described by Wikipedia here. Looking at Raven Jeffries I had to ask myself, which of the three factors that I outlined had anything to do with what may have happened to Raven? I also looked at all “Seven Deadly Sins.” Anger which is wrath I first ruled out, what could a young seven year old child possibly do to anger someone to the point of her murder? I realize hatred and prejudice are also lumped into this category but still ruled out Anger or Wrath. That left me with “Wealth and Greed” which I feel has everything to do with what happened to Raven Jeffries.

You may be asking what “Wealth” could a young seven year old girl have to offer anyone? The sad but oh so true answer is her body. This was Raven’s great “Wealth” that she had to offer. Raven Jeffries did not offer her body but rather it was taken by some sick depraved animal. As you can see I am writing haphazardly, “Lust” better describes what motivated this person than “Greed”, but greed was how I was thinking at first, that this person used their own “greed” to satisfy their sexual desires.

Raven Jeffries

Recently Raven Jeffries went missing August 4, 2006, a body has been found that was burned and is waiting on DNA to confirm whether or not that it is Raven Jeffries. Clothes have been reported to match the clothing that Raven Jeffries was wearing when she disappeared. It does seem to be a long time waiting for the DNA to come back, the found the body this past Monday. Was the body burned to cover up a rape on young Raven Jeffries? First of all, we do not know for sure that this body belongs to Raven Jeffries, if it does turn out to be her body, the police should have a fairly easy job of determining who is responsible. Raven’s mom (Brenda Jeffries) went out for charcoal and lighter fluid just after Raven went missing. She has not shown much of any emotion since her daughter disappeared.

19-year-old David Hosler is Raven Jeffries older brother, he has been quite emotional throughout this ordeal. The police have said that they do not consider him a suspect. The police may just be saying that to let him slip up, something does not sit right with her brother IMO. I have always gone with my gut instincts about cases and they have not failed me once. Families often turn out to be involved and I believe this will turn out to be the same in the case of Raven Jeffries.

David Hosler is seen getting into a brawl of sorts, from the short video clip it appears that David has some boxing skills, this is surely not the first altercation that he has been involved in. In another video he is seen emotional also, so far it seems many have decided that young David just cares about his sister dearly. I am not so sure of this.

There have been some warrants served in the Raven Jeffries case, they were served at a local storage facility located at 23325 Van Born Rd.Taylor, MI called Metro Storage. If you click the preceding link it will take you to their website.

Young Raven Jeffries if she was murdered, was not murdered because she did anything or saw anything, she was murdered because the sick SO raped her and then to cover up the rape decided murder would be HIS/her next best option.


Investigators served at least two search warrants in the city of Taylor in connection with the girl’s disappearance, Local 4 reported. Employees at Metro Storage in Taylor said police spent several hours at the site and left at about 3 a.m. Friday with evidence, the station reported.

Now I find myself in an odd position, I am sitting patiently or not so patiently on waiting to publish this. I do not want this to be accusing on the family if it is not warranted. There are some odd peculiarities with this family and they have told varying accounts of that evening when Raven went missing. The police have continued to question both the big brother and mom. One strange thing that I have read over the last few days is that this family had a friend that was a sex offender. Some one please put a bullet in my head with my name on it and color me stupid if I ever befriend a sex offender and introduce them to my family.

LE had to have “probable cause” to serve out their warrants at the storage facility. Since the warrants were served shortly after talking to both the mom and the brother telephonically, I am just connecting the dots. It appears to this author that the family are who placed LE on the trail of “Metro Storage,” at this time the public has no clue as to whether or not these warrants were fruitful.

Lately it just seems like crimes are being copied, in Iraq a body is burned to cover up the rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl, in Romulus Michigan a body is burned of a young girl under the age of fourteen.

I looked over the database at the NVFC (National Voice For Children) and reviewed all children that have died since being entered into the database since may 15, 2005 forward. Out of 46 children that have died, roughly 50% are split up between male and female. The top cause of death for males is accidental drowning and a few drowning cases we can not rule out foul play. Secondary cause of death for males is suicide followed by murder. A look at the females that have died and the primary cause of death is murder and over 90% of these murders involve rape. Eight girls, all under the age of ten have been raped and murdered, three remain unsolved.

I look at all these cases and the overwhelming amount of violence towards young girls and women far outweighs the dangers of males. These statistics do not represent the overall statistics but still give me a base for coming to decisions. One thing that can skew the stats not to be read accurately is the fact that if young males are sexually abused, they are less likely to talk about it out of shame. Their fear of talking about it could be one of the reasons that suicide is higher among the young males at the NVFC.

Three out of the five young girls murdered have been murdered by young men between 20 and 25. Two of which were twenty years on age. The other two murderers were 48 year old Jeffrey Robert Martin charged with the murder of Gabrielle Bechen and 35 year old Simon Rios charged with the murder of Alejandra Gutierrez. Amber Harris, Adre’Anna Jackson and Evelyn Miller remain unsolved murders for girls younger than ten and Kayla Reed’s murder remains unsolved.

Movies, television, books and rap music, along with many other things (pc games) have always been blamed for an increase in crime. I do not buy into this theory. I know my dad use to like the “Three Stooges” but he never hit me over the head with a hammer. Just the nightly news reporting on crime and Court TV are enough to give weak and depraved minds ideas on how and how not to commit crimes.

Clearly this is a problem for which we do not have any answers. I wonder if Lewellen (played by Dakota Fanning) is murdered at the end of the film “Hounddog?” They say that life imitates art, if art imitates life itself, then Lewellen would die in the film. I have been forwarded emails from concerned citizens against this film. Many are in outrage over the exploitation of twelve year old Dakota Fanning. I agree these people have a point, the exploitation on Dakota was already done during the filming, boycotting the project may only further exploit her. Clearly all the outrage over this film is TOO LATE in my opinion, the outrage now probably will just be a catalyst for box office sales. Negative publicity is better than none at all. I do believe Dakota is capable of making a decision to do this film to bring the message to people through film of all the dangers of child abuse, if this is the case, then boycotting the film could have a very reverse and negative effect on the young actress. If Dakota Fanning believed she was going through the ordeal to save other children from being victimized, then halting the project after she has ALREADY filmed the tough scenes can be detrimental to her.

I wonder where all the people that are in protest were when they knew that the film project was coming to North Carolina? I am sure many people moved mountains to get this film filmed in their own backyard. Personally I think some good can possibly come from this film. Life is about risks and sacrifices, clearly just being a young star in Hollywood will mean sacrifices. This may be a risk and sacrifice Dakota was willing to take to bring child abuse to the forefront. Clearly our methods in place are not working but I can and will not make a negative judgement against this film without the viewing it beforehand. If and when “Hounddog” comes to the screen, I will go and see it. It would be ignorant for me to condemn the film otherwise.

What is the price we pay? Everything is about the bottom line, even when it comes to protecting our children, there will always be a question whispered.How much does it cost?

This entry will be updated and information will be added as needed.

Update 08-14-2006

ClickonDetroit has an update but it is merely filler news as everything that is written is a re-cap of the case, they are like everyone else awaiting the autopsy report.

I found the text below in italics in a search return also, it apparently goes to a news station in Detroit called DETNEWS | NewsTalk the comment was sent in by a reader and seems to sum up what many feel about the family.

Web Results
Page 1 of 1,018 results containing family claiming Raven Jeffries, (0.59 seconds)

DETNEWS | NewsTalk

We have one family claiming Raven Jeffries,but no family claiming the burned body;VERY STRANGE!!We also have a very “calm” mother and a equally “over emotional” brother,but still no “OTHER” family is …
o Cached page
o 8/12/2006

Update 08-14-2006 1:30pm

Body identified as missing 7-year-old Detroit girl

It has now been confirmed that the body does belong to Raven Jeffries. I held off on publishing this entry as I wanted to wait until it had been confirmed. I was 98% sure that the result would come back just as it did. Now what needs to be answered is how Raven Jeffries a seven year old girl ended up being murdered and most likely raped although this is further speculation on my part and has not been confirmed yet. Who committed this crime and why! I suspect that the answers relies close to home, possibly friends of David, David himself and of course there are unanswered questions as to why Brenda Jeffries was buying charcoal and charcoal lighter late Friday evening shortly after Raven disappeared.


DETROIT — Authorities plan to announce today that the burned body of a child found last week in a Romulus field is 7-year-old Raven Jeffries.

The body was identified using DNA samples, said Maria Miller, spokeswoman for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

An Amber Alert was issued for the Detroit youngster on Aug. 4. She was last seen playing in front of her brother’s home on McDonald Street in southwest Detroit. Since then, family and friends have held daily vigils outside her home praying for her safe return.

Detroit and Romulus police along with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office will hold a joint press conference in downtown Detroit at 3 this afternoon.

Update Monday 08-14-2006

I knew the family was suspicious from the very beginning, always trust your gut instincts. It seems like the “Metro Storage” referred to earlier in this entry was nothing more than an attempt to throw police off course. I was right that the family tossed that out to LE when I suspected that they sent the police there after they were interviewed. This case is unfolding and like too often the suspect or suspects are very close to the Jeffries home. Brenda Jeffries was way too calm and David was way too emotional.

More news from ClickonDetroit.

The burned body of a girl found in Romulus last week is missing Detroit girl Raven Jeffries, DNA tests confirmed on Monday.

Raven, 7, was last seen on McDonald Street in southwest Detroit outside the front door of her home at about 7 p.m. on Aug. 4, according to police and Local 4 reports.

The Wayne County prosecutor’s office, the Romulus Police Department and the Detroit Police Department announced the DNA test results in a news conference on Monday afternoon. Authorities said the match was achieved through a liver sample from the body and Raven’s parents.

A cause of death for Raven was not given, but authorities said her body was badly burned and decomposed.

Authorities said there are several suspects they are investigating, including family members, according to Local 4.

Police also said that information about a storage facility in Taylor being searched last week was misinformation.

Investigators said last week that the clothing of the girl found dead matched Raven’s clothing, according to the child’s friends. Police also examined Raven’s baby teeth and bedding in their investigation.

Stay with Local 4 News and for the latest developments.

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Jordan Amber Gonsioroski was ten years old, however she was not like any normal ten year old, she was though like too many children in society today. Jordan really never had much of a chance, in her short ten years of living, her childhood was filled with neglect and sexual abuse by a boyfriend that that her own mother was shacking up with.

Randy Johnson is accused of sexually abusing Jordan Amber Gonsioroski and is the boyfriend of Amanda Johnson, they both share the same last name so at this time I am not sure if this is an error in the news or they are actually married. WCCO news in MPLS. has covered much on this story and they will be my source for what is written about. I grew up in the Twin Cities and read their news online, WCCO and the Star and Tribune I read often. This story of what happened to Jordan is one of the worse cases of child abuse that I have seen.

Last Friday, July 14, 2006, Jordan Amber Gonsioroski was acting up again. She had some nachos and was stuffing them down her pants, not exactly something one would expect of a ten year old child, but then again Jordan was not a normal ten year old. Not too many ten year olds have already given a video taped statement to the District Attorney to be played for an upcoming trial. Jordan had done this already, her statement was against Randy Johnson for sexually abusing back in 2004 when she lived with her mother. Jordan was removed from the custody of her own mother because of these alleged incidents of sexual abuse. She was then shuffled off to live with her father Jason Gonsioroski (mugshot) and his live-in girlfriend Julie Ann Meyer/Meier. (mugshot)

Life with her father was supposed to be better for Jordan Gonsioroski. Court documents say in the last year she was repeatedly punished with spankings, sets of jumping jacks and having her mouth scrubbed out with soap for 20 minutes at a time.

So this last Friday, when Jordan was shoving nachos down her pants, it should come as no surprise to anyone. Sexually abused children will often act out in ways that are not understood by adults. I am pretty sure as I sit here writing this today that Jordan did not have any type of ongoing counseling and even if she was brought to periodic counseling, her parents were not qualified to handle this special needs child. Yes I can sit here today and make those judgments of her father. Jason Gonsioroski decided he could not deal with this so he went off to a neighborhood household to smoke some marijuana. Julie Ann Meyer took care of the disciplining of Jordan. She chose to make her do jumping jacks until the nachos fell out and then according to one of the other children, she hit her in the head and knocked Jordan unconscious. It is unclear how this crime went down, Jordan was put in a bathtub with scalding water that was capable of reaching 148° in a couple of minutes. Jason the father did help try to cover up this crime but it appears as though his girlfriend Julie Ann Meyer was the one who put Jordan in the tub.

John Brewer for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press writes

The cause of death appeared to be a loss of fluid and electrolytes and brain swelling due to the burns. If she had been treated promptly, a forensic pathologist concluded, she would not have died as a result of her burns.

Further investigation revealed that the home’s bath water could reach 148 degrees within two minutes.

The couple was arrested Saturday and booked at the Anoka County Adult Detention Center. They are due in Anoka County Court at 9 a.m. today for their initial appearances.

A medical examiner said in the complaint that Jordan was “either dead or dying by 12 a.m.” The 911 call came in at 2:30 a.m.

“We know for sure that both of the individuals there were aware that the girl was grievously hurt by hot, scalding water, and nobody did anything to help her,” Andersohn said.

Last night I sent a link to a friend on this story, she replied with I hope they both get the death penalty. This happens to be one of the worse cases of child abuse so the DP does seem to fit the crime. The biggest thing that bothers me about this case other than Jordan died a horrible death that no human being should have to endure let alone a child, is that Randy L. Johnson may not even stand trial now since it is required by law that the victim has to be cross examined by the defense for her video testimony. Jordan Amber Gonsioroski can not testify and therefore the upcoming case against Randy Johnson may get thrown out. This is one of my main reasons for writing today, we can not afford to lose focus on the sexual abuse that took place on this child.

I was reminded earlier today by AYBLIN RIVAS, she commented on the first entry written about Brianna Lopez, it has been four years today since her parents killed Brianna when she was only five months old. Jordan had a few more years of life but most of her childhood was filled with neglect, sexual abuse and horror. I never thought it could get any worse than what Brianna went through, children deserve better than this. The most horrific deaths of children under the age of ten have been committed by parents or live-in boyfriends or girlfriends. I know this sounds very cliché but this has to stop. Why is it always too late before anyone speaks up or does anything? Why is DCS/DHS never acts in time?

For those of you who read this blog will know we do not often discuss politics or the military. Real-Justice supplied me with the head up on this story. The US military is currently investigating all allegations.

Kristian Menchaca was given a heroes funeral in Brownsville Texas this past week. He was also given the purple heart that soldiers receive when they die on the battle field. At the funeral services the past week family were asking the question WHY this happened to Kristian.

Maria Vasquez, the dead soldier’s mother, sobbed with her cheek against his flag-shrouded coffin in Brownsville, asking repeatedly in Spanish, “Why? … Why my son?”

From Christina Menchaca before the attack happened.

Kristian Menchaca

“1/2 MY HEART IS IN IRAQ!!!” Christina Menchaca

Kristian was a hero in the eyes of Christina. She seemed to have a lot going for a high school student, she was married and was raising her son. She felt Kristian was safe and her world came apart on June 16, 2006. Her life will never be the same. There are many questions that need to be answered.

“Here Without You” by Three Doors Down plays on Cristina’s Myspace, no doubt how she felt about Kristian in Iraq.

Kristian belonged to the 502nd Infantry Regiment, which is attached to the 4th Infantry Division. They were attacked on June 16, 2006. Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23, and Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker were both kidnapped in this attack and subsequently tortured, then murdered and one or both were beheaded.

War is war and many atrocities that happen are all part of the battlefield. On March 12, 2006, members of the 502nd Infantry Regiment were involved in the rape and murder of a young woman near her home in the town of Mahmoudiya, south of Baghdad. She was raped and murdered and then set on fire, three other family members were also killed including two children.

The victims were Kassim Hamza Rasheed Janabi, 36, a guard at a government-owned food warehouse; Fakhriya Taha Muhasen, 44, his wife; and their two daughters, 7-year-old Hadeel and 15-year-old Abeer.

Abeer Qasim Hamza pictureDATE OF BIRTH A citizenship identification card issued by the Iraqi government in 1993 shows Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi with a date of birth of August 19, 1991, as translated from the identity card in this handout photo/picture from her relatives in Baghdad July 9, 2006. Five U.S. soldiers were charged in a rape and multiple murder case that has outraged Iraqis, as documents obtained by Reuters on Sunday showed the rape victim was a minor aged just 14, and not over 20 as U.S. officials say. (IRAQ)

Hadeel is a Arabic girls name, there have been other reports that the soldiers separated three males from the woman, probably a mistake by the newspaper/web site.

No disrespect, but when I saw the names and ages of the victims, I had my doubts on why four soldiers would plan for a week to rape a 44 year old lady. It did not make sense, I did think that the fifteen year old girl (Abeer Qasim Hamza) was likely their target. On top of everything these soldiers raped a fifteen year old child. New information appears like the mother was 34 and the father 45 See Reuters below

From Rueters More at link

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A woman apparently at the center of a rape-murder probe by the U.S. military in Iraq was only 15 (Abeer Qasim Hamza) and voiced fears about soldiers’ advances before she and her family were killed in March, the Washington Post said on Monday.

The paper said death certificates from Mahmudiya hospital identified the victims as Abeer Qasim Hamza, 15, shot in the head and burned; her mother Fakhriyah Taha Muhsin, 34, killed by gunshots to her head; her father Qasim Hamza Raheem, 45, whose head was “smashed” by bullets; and Hadeel Qasim Hamza, 7.

Quoting the mayor of Mahmudiya, near Baghdad, an unnamed hospital official and neighbors of the alleged victims, the newspaper named the woman, her parents and 7-year-old sister as having been killed in their home in the town on March 11.

The paper did not affirm the woman, Abeer Qasim Hamza, was killed by Americans, but local people quoted appeared to believe the dead family was the one involved in the U.S. investigation.

A U.S. military official in Baghdad told Reuters details of the incident they described were at odds with U.S. documents in the 10-day-old investigation of at least three soldiers. U.S. officials had the rape victim’s age as 20, he said. However, he added, he was not aware of any other such cases in the area.

The U.S. military has given few details publicly. Officials say at least three soldiers are under investigation over the alleged rape of a woman and the killing of three relatives, including a child, in their home at Mahmudiya on March 12.

Two are suspected of rape and one of these, since discharged from the army, is also suspected of murder, officials said.

Rape and killings were planned

One resident of the village of Mahmoudiyah al-Kasr al-Awsat told The Washington Post yesterday that the young woman had complained of harassment by U.S. soldiers each time she passed through an American checkpoint. The resident, Omar Janabi, said in an interview that the woman’s family had taken the precaution of sending her to spend nights with a neighboring family. But the soldiers attacked the family’s house during the daytime, when everyone was at home, said Janabi.

BAGHDAD — The U.S. military is investigating U.S. soldiers accused of raping an Iraqi woman near their guard post, killing her and three family members and burning their home with the bodies inside.

These two incidents are closely tied together. The raping and killing of this woman and her family members and the subsequent retaliation of Kristian Menchaca and Thomas L. Tucker.

The deaths in March occurred in the same area as the kidnapping and killing last month of two Army privates, an Army official said, and involve the same unit — the 502nd Infantry Regiment, which is attached to the 4th Infantry Division — but it was unclear whether there was a connection between the deaths of the family members in Mahmoudiya and the June 16 attack on the U.S. soldiers at an observation post near Yousifiya.

Claims US troops raped and killed Iraq civilians

Military officials are investigating allegations that US Army soldiers raped a young Iraq woman in her home near Baghdad before killing her and three members of her family.

The soldiers are from the same platoon that lost three members in a brutal insurgent attack on June 16.

Two of the dead soldiers, from the 502nd Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, were kidnapped and then tortured and beheaded.

The allegation of the March rape and slayings came to light in a battlefield stress counselling session for members of the platoon, when two soldiers raised the issue.

The military has said one and possibly both of the soldiers were tortured and beheaded. The official said the mutilation of the slain soldiers stirred feelings of guilt and led at least one member of the platoon to reveal the rape and killing on June 22.

Clearly this needs to be investigated, I am sure much more information will be coming out an these attacks in the upcoming weeks. This story is just breaking, what is important is that the truth comes out.
Secrets From Within Update July 2, 2006

‘Rape-murder ‘plotted for week’

From the Associated Press

July 03, 2006
BEIJI, Iraq: Investigators believe a group of US soldiers spent a week plotting an attack in which they raped an Iraqi woman, then killed her and her family in a town south of Baghdad.

A US official familiar with the investigation said flammable liquid — possibly petrol or lighter fluid — was used to burn the woman’s body in a cover-up attempt. If convicted of premeditated murder, the soldiers could receive the death sentence under US military law.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the attack appeared to have been “totally premeditated” and the soldiers had reportedly studied the family for about a week before carrying out the assault. According to the official, the Sunni Arab family had just moved into a new home in the religiously mixed area about 30km south of Baghdad.

The US troops entered the home and separated three family members from the woman, the official said. They raped her, then killed her and set fire to her body. The soldiers then killed the other three members of the family.

There were some discrepancies over how many soldiers were being investigated. The US official said it was at least four. Other US officials said earlier five were under investigation but one had already been discharged over charges unrelated to the killings.

The US command has said only that the commander of US forces in Baghdad, Major General James D. Thurman, has ordered a criminal investigation into the alleged murder of a family of four.

The soldiers under investigation are from the same platoon as two troopers kidnapped and killed south of Baghdad earlier this month. The official said the mutilation of the slain soldiers stirred feelings of guilt and led at least one member of the platoon to reveal the rape-slaying on June 22. One of the family members the soldiers killed was a child, a senior US army official said.

The allegations of rape could generate a serious backlash in Iraq, a strongly religious society where many women are sheltered from contact with males.

Michelle Malkin on Kristian Menchaca

Update 7-3-06

First name released in investigation. An arrest has been made. This information is coming in quicker than I can type, there are going to be a few inaccuracies among sources, some i have found so far are the different ages for the victims. I will as time goes on update this entry and make corrections and will start a new entry as i did not realize how much information would be coming out. The more I write on this the more I realize that it fits my writing style about children. A young girl, 15 was targeted and raped and a soldier close to home lost his life over this along with two other soldiers. Cristina Menchaca is a widow and a high school student at that same time, this is not suppose to happen like this.


Steven D. Green

Ex-soldier charged in Iraq rape, killing
Associated Press Mercury

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Federal prosecutors charged a veteran of the Iraq war with murder and rape Monday in connection with the killing of an Iraqi woman and members of her family.

Steven D. Green, a 21-year-old former private first class who was discharged from the Army, appeared in a federal magistrate’s courtroom in Charlotte Monday.

The charges grew out of a military investigation involving up to five soldiers in the March rape and killing of the woman in Mahmoudiya and three of her relatives.

Prosecutors said Green and other soldiers entered the home of a family of Iraqi civilians, where he and others raped a member of the family before Green shot her and three of her relatives to death.

Green was arrested in recent days in North Carolina, two federal law enforcement officials said Monday. He is being held without bond pending a transfer to Louisville, Ky. Green had served with the 101st Airborne, based at Fort Campbell, Ky. It was unclear why Green had been discharged from the Army.

On Friday, the U.S. military acknowledged that Maj. Gen. James D. Thurman, commander of the 4th Infantry Division, had ordered a criminal investigation into the alleged slaying of a family of four in Mahmoudiya.

Four members of the 502nd Infantry Regiment have had their weapons taken away and were confined to a U.S. base near Mahmoudiya, officials said. If convicted of premeditated murder, the soldiers could receive a death sentence under U.S. military law.

The suspects belong to the same unit as two soldiers kidnapped and killed south of Baghdad last month, a military official said on condition of anonymity because the case was under way.

The military has said that one and possibly both of the slain soldiers were tortured and beheaded. The official said the mutilation of the slain soldiers stirred feelings of guilt and led at least one member of the platoon to reveal the rape-slaying on June 22.

One soldier was arrested after admitting his role in the alleged attack on the family, the official said. The official said the rape and killings appeared to have been a “crime of opportunity,” noting that the soldiers had not been attacked by insurgents but had noticed the woman on previous patrols.

UPDATE July 4, 2006 Irag Speak out

Here is a post from writers within Iraq speaking out about Iraq conducting their own investigation. They are demanding their own investigation. Part of me says right on, let Iraq prosecute, it happened in Iraq. Let them extradite Steven D. Green back to Iraq and face trial there. If an Iraqi commits a crime on American soil, we do not send them back to be judged in Iraq. Why should it be any different when Americans commit crimes in other countries? Why not let Green and the others involved await their trials in an Iraqi jail cell?

By Alastair Macdonald
Tuesday, July 4, 2006; 1:13 PM

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqis demanded on Tuesday their new government launch its own inquiry into the suspected rape and murder of a teenager and the killing of her family by U.S. soldiers after one American was charged in a U.S. court.

“We demand an official investigation,” member of parliament Safiya al-Suhail told a news conference, urging Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to take the initiative.

“We cannot let this case pass without question. Justice must be done,” said the former ambassador and member of the secular Iraqi List party which controls the Justice Ministry.

The rape issue makes the case, the fifth U.S. inquiry into killings of Iraqi civilians in recent months, potentially more difficult for the military in its already fraught relations with Iraqis and the nation’s increasingly independent-minded leaders.

Taboos on discussing rape in Iraq’s Muslim society have also muted public commentary after U.S. commanders said on Friday they were investigating four killings in a family home in March.

But the charging of former U.S. soldier Steven Green, 21, on Monday appeared to loosen tongues. The discharged private is accused of shooting a couple and their young daughter near a checkpoint, then raping and killing the child’s teenage sister. Three other U.S. soldiers are suspected of taking part.

“The people should rise up because this is a matter of honor. What has happened to this girl today may happen to our sisters and wives tomorrow,” said Baghdad resident Hussein al-Shimeri.


Lamenting a failure by Iraqi officials to take a stand, he said: “We should keep the Americans out of our towns. This belies the Americans’ claims of democracy and shows their barbarity.”

Officials in Mahmudiya, near Baghdad, said they were holding an inquiry but that no national investigation was under way.

Ahmed Hamed, also speaking in Baghdad, said: “The Iraqi government should take a clear stand and put an end to disgraceful acts by the U.S. against the Iraqi people.”

In a sign of the sensitivities, however, Iraqiya state television only belatedly covered the case, noting Green’s U.S. court appearance in its foreign news — after a report on the Mexican election. Later bulletins dropped the item.

Maliki, who has voiced impatience with U.S. military “mistakes” since forming his national unity government six weeks ago, has been silent on the case.

One of the first newspapers to report the case, Azzaman, criticized the government on Tuesday. “A crime by a U.S. soldier against a pure Iraqi girl has Iraqi politicians bowing their heads and fiddling with their ears, pretending they have not heard of it,” Fateh Abdul Salam wrote in an opinion piece.

Describing sanctions against a handful of soldiers jailed over the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal of 2004 as “holiday camp punishments,” he forecast more of the same.

The fate of the Janabi family, members of Iraq’s Sunni Arab minority from which insurgents draw their support, vexes Sunnis. Their main clerical body called it the “ugly face of America.”

U.S. commanders, anxious to leave a friendly Iraq as they reduce their forces, acknowledge the harm that can be done by cases like Abu Ghraib and accusations that U.S. soldiers unlawfully killed 24 people at Haditha in November.

This year U.S. military units have been told to tighten procedures on treating civilians. Last month, 12 murder charges were brought, more than in the rest of the three years since the U.S.-led invasion.

(Additional reporting by Aseel Kami and Hiba Moussa)

July 10, 2006 UPDATE

HARRISBURG, Pa. AP – A 2002 high school graduate from a central Pennsylvania town is one of the American soldiers charged in the alleged rape-murder of a young Iraqi woman and the killing of three of her relatives.
Pfc. Jesse Spielman (pictured above), of Chambersburg, is charged with premeditated murder, rape, obstruction of justice, housebreaking, arson and other offenses and could face the death penalty.

A television station said Spielman’s mother, Nancy Hess, told a reporter she was shocked by the charges and hoped to speak with her son soon.

“I don’t believe the charges and I’m still proud of him,” WGAL-TV in Lancaster quoted Hess, who did not appear on camera.

A man who answered the phone at Hess’ home in Chambersburg, about 50 miles southwest of Harrisburg, referred questions about Spielman to the military. He declined to give his name.

On, the popular networking site, a soldier identifying himself as Spielman and as a 2002 high school graduate from Chambersburg says he joined the Army in March 2005 and is in Iraq for a year.

On the Myspace page that Jesse Speilman had up he describes himself as an Atheist.


— Steven Green, 21, pleaded not guilty on July 6 in a U.S. federal court in Kentucky, home of his former unit the 502nd Infantry Regiment, to four counts of murder and one of rape over the deaths of four people near Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad, “on or about” March 12. Green was a private first class for under a year before being discharged for a “personality disorder”.

— Private First Class Bryan Howard: conspiracy to commit rape and pre-meditated murder (under Article 81 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice), conspiracy to obstruct justice (Article 81), pre-meditated murder (118), rape (120).

— Specialist James Barker: same as Howard, plus violation of a general order (92), arson (126), house breaking (130).

— Sergeant Paul Cortez: same as Barker

— Private First Class Jesse Spielman: same as Barker and Cortez plus indecent acts (134) and obstruction of justice (134).

— Sergeant Anthony Yribe: dereliction of duty (92) and false official statement (107).


— Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi died of “gunshot wounds in the head, with burns”, according to the death certificate. That and her identity card, which relatives showed Reuters, show she was a minor aged 14, and not 20 or 25 as stated in U.S. official documents which say she was raped.

— Her father Qasim Hamza Rasheed al-Janabi, 34, a labourer, his wife Fakhriya Taha Muheisin al-Janabi, 43, and their younger daughter Hadeel Qasim Hamza al-Janabi, 6, also all died from gunshot wounds; two sons, now aged 10 and 13, were absent.

UPDATE July 11, 2006

Evver since this story first broke, it has been obvious that Tucker and Menchaca were kidnapped and murdered for the attack on a 14 year old Iraqi girl Abdeer Qasim Hamza. Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack on Menchaca and Tucker.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An al Qaeda-led group released a video on Monday showing gruesome footage of two U.S. soldiers killed in June and links the killings to a rape and murder case that has outraged Iraqis, according to a group that monitors extremists’ Web sites.

The video, issued by the Mujahideen Shura Council in Iraq shows the mutilated corpses of the two American soldiers the group claimed to have abducted June 19, the SITE Institute said in a statement on its Web site.

The video is “extremely graphic footage” and opened with a statement that it was presented as “revenge for our sister who was dishonored by a soldier of the same brigade,” according to SITE.