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Jordan Amber Gonsioroski was ten years old, however she was not like any normal ten year old, she was though like too many children in society today. Jordan really never had much of a chance, in her short ten years of living, her childhood was filled with neglect and sexual abuse by a boyfriend that that her own mother was shacking up with.

Randy Johnson is accused of sexually abusing Jordan Amber Gonsioroski and is the boyfriend of Amanda Johnson, they both share the same last name so at this time I am not sure if this is an error in the news or they are actually married. WCCO news in MPLS. has covered much on this story and they will be my source for what is written about. I grew up in the Twin Cities and read their news online, WCCO and the Star and Tribune I read often. This story of what happened to Jordan is one of the worse cases of child abuse that I have seen.

Last Friday, July 14, 2006, Jordan Amber Gonsioroski was acting up again. She had some nachos and was stuffing them down her pants, not exactly something one would expect of a ten year old child, but then again Jordan was not a normal ten year old. Not too many ten year olds have already given a video taped statement to the District Attorney to be played for an upcoming trial. Jordan had done this already, her statement was against Randy Johnson for sexually abusing back in 2004 when she lived with her mother. Jordan was removed from the custody of her own mother because of these alleged incidents of sexual abuse. She was then shuffled off to live with her father Jason Gonsioroski (mugshot) and his live-in girlfriend Julie Ann Meyer/Meier. (mugshot)

Life with her father was supposed to be better for Jordan Gonsioroski. Court documents say in the last year she was repeatedly punished with spankings, sets of jumping jacks and having her mouth scrubbed out with soap for 20 minutes at a time.

So this last Friday, when Jordan was shoving nachos down her pants, it should come as no surprise to anyone. Sexually abused children will often act out in ways that are not understood by adults. I am pretty sure as I sit here writing this today that Jordan did not have any type of ongoing counseling and even if she was brought to periodic counseling, her parents were not qualified to handle this special needs child. Yes I can sit here today and make those judgments of her father. Jason Gonsioroski decided he could not deal with this so he went off to a neighborhood household to smoke some marijuana. Julie Ann Meyer took care of the disciplining of Jordan. She chose to make her do jumping jacks until the nachos fell out and then according to one of the other children, she hit her in the head and knocked Jordan unconscious. It is unclear how this crime went down, Jordan was put in a bathtub with scalding water that was capable of reaching 148° in a couple of minutes. Jason the father did help try to cover up this crime but it appears as though his girlfriend Julie Ann Meyer was the one who put Jordan in the tub.

John Brewer for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press writes

The cause of death appeared to be a loss of fluid and electrolytes and brain swelling due to the burns. If she had been treated promptly, a forensic pathologist concluded, she would not have died as a result of her burns.

Further investigation revealed that the home’s bath water could reach 148 degrees within two minutes.

The couple was arrested Saturday and booked at the Anoka County Adult Detention Center. They are due in Anoka County Court at 9 a.m. today for their initial appearances.

A medical examiner said in the complaint that Jordan was “either dead or dying by 12 a.m.” The 911 call came in at 2:30 a.m.

“We know for sure that both of the individuals there were aware that the girl was grievously hurt by hot, scalding water, and nobody did anything to help her,” Andersohn said.

Last night I sent a link to a friend on this story, she replied with I hope they both get the death penalty. This happens to be one of the worse cases of child abuse so the DP does seem to fit the crime. The biggest thing that bothers me about this case other than Jordan died a horrible death that no human being should have to endure let alone a child, is that Randy L. Johnson may not even stand trial now since it is required by law that the victim has to be cross examined by the defense for her video testimony. Jordan Amber Gonsioroski can not testify and therefore the upcoming case against Randy Johnson may get thrown out. This is one of my main reasons for writing today, we can not afford to lose focus on the sexual abuse that took place on this child.

I was reminded earlier today by AYBLIN RIVAS, she commented on the first entry written about Brianna Lopez, it has been four years today since her parents killed Brianna when she was only five months old. Jordan had a few more years of life but most of her childhood was filled with neglect, sexual abuse and horror. I never thought it could get any worse than what Brianna went through, children deserve better than this. The most horrific deaths of children under the age of ten have been committed by parents or live-in boyfriends or girlfriends. I know this sounds very cliché but this has to stop. Why is it always too late before anyone speaks up or does anything? Why is DCS/DHS never acts in time?