Continuing to make headlines, Susan Schorpen, who is back in the news again.
Carlie Brucia’s mother arrested on drug, prostitution charges
Susan Schorpen


MANATEE – Three months after her 11-year-old daughter’s killer was sentenced to death, Susan Schorpen is once again in jail on solicitation and drug charges, according to a sheriff’s office probable cause affidavit.

While conducting an undercover prostitution sting Tuesday night in the 6500 block of Tamiami Trail, Schorpen, who is listed as homeless, offered sexual acts in return for $20. She was also found to be in possession of drug paraphanelia, according to the affidavit.

Schorpen’s daughter, Carlie Jane Brucia, 11, was kidnapped, raped and killed by Joseph Smith in February 2004.

In March, Smith was sentenced to death. At the time of his sentencing, Schorpen was incarcerated in the Pinellas County jail on prostitution and drug charges.

Schorpen is scheduled to appear in court on July 27, according to the affidavit. She has a $2,000 bond, according to jail officials.

The Leopard Syndrome

What is the Leopard Syndrome and how does it effect Susan Schorpen? Well I wrote about how it was going to be hard for Susan to turn her life around, I did so on the day she was released from jail May 30, 2006. I knew that it would be difficult for Susan to change her own ways. I did outline a plan for her to help her with her recovery. The plan is outlined in the preceding link. I am pretty confident that Susan read that plan as it was read by Louise who said that Susan was there with her at the time. Had Susan put any effort into that plan she would not be in jail today.

I took a firm and hard stance early on that Susan had failed Carlie way before she was ever abducted. The entire lifespan of Carlie Brucia was filled with nothing but police calls and drug use for all of the years Carlie was growing up. A leopard can not change their spots and Susan can not change her ways. So yes as a qualified expert in the Leopard Syndrome, Susan has it in my opinion.

Carlie has always been the main focus I have had on this case. I know since the first time I watched the abduction on tape by Joseph Smith, that she did not protest, pull away, or fight, kick or scream. She went along willingly, I have watched this frame by frame, and it not one single frame did she appear upset. She looks like she did recognize Smith as many people have speculated that she indeed knew Smith as an acquaintance of her mothers. While many theories have been put forth about a possible drug connection, Susan has done nothing to set the record straight. Whether or not Susan knew Smith as Orlando Salinas reported early on for Fox news, does not matter or is not the focal point of this entry. What is is just how Susan failed Carlie, she failed he for all of her years on earth and now continues to fail Carlie after she is gone.

Susan BTW has a son, she can not be helping Leif out that much while she is busy turning tricks in between her getting geeked on crack. Well she did lose custody of her son as reported here for failing drug tests.

Susan has failed in so many ways for so long that I am not going to attempt to count.
Discussion is open to how parents fail their children (more specifically how Susan failed Carlie), wrong decisions people make that are costly and how to prevent these things that happened to Carlie from happening to another child.