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Part 11 What Happened to Raven Jeffries?

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Molding a child star is a very difficult task, one that some parents exploit, just ask Gary Coleman about being exploited by mom and dad. In fact all of the “Different Strokes” child actors have had their share of trouble. Todd Bridges had many run ins with the law and Dana Plato is no longer living due to her problematic life that followed her downfall after the show. Then you have McCulley Culkin who should not have had too much trouble with his life as the films he was in early on were family movies but yet he has had a difficult young adult life. Click on link here to read about many troubled young stars.

Throw Dakota Fanning into the picture, she has already had difficult roles that may cause her problems later on in life from dealing with adult situations in films like “Hide and Seek” and “Man on Fire”. Now she is being raped in “Hounddog” and many people are upset about this film. They argue about how a child as young as twelve can separate fact from fiction. The twelve year old actress is seen in several violent scenes wearing only her panties.

Joy Fanning her mother thinks this role may win her daughter an Oscar, well no doubt it will add to mom’s bank account. Dakota has earned over half a billion dollars in her short career.

Can the film do any good? I think it possibly can but this is hard to say without seeing it. Realistically children much younger than twelve are getting raped and even young men in Iraq are raping children as young as fourteen year old Abeer Qasim Hamza. The film could possibly have a positive effect on society as a wake up call to a problem that seems to be getting worse each day.

Most of the time when a child is raped, they are then subsequently murdered to cover up the rape crime. This recently happened with Destiny Norton, Jamie Bolin, Taylor Behl, Alejandra Gutierrez, Adre’Anna Jackson and Evelyn Miller.

Part 11 What Happened to Raven Jeffries?

I started out writing about Raven last week and so the writing was based on facts not in evidence when I started writing. My suspicions were right when the autopsy confirmed that the body found belonged to Raven. I hope that her body was not burned to badly where police are not able to determine what happened. I believe Raven was sexually abused and she was murdered to cover up that secret.

Most crimes are motivated by three factors in my experience.
1.) Wealth
2.) Greed
3.) Anger

As soon as I named the three factors, my mind went immediately to the movie “Seven” and the Seven Deadly Sins described by Wikipedia here. Looking at Raven Jeffries I had to ask myself, which of the three factors that I outlined had anything to do with what may have happened to Raven? I also looked at all “Seven Deadly Sins.” Anger which is wrath I first ruled out, what could a young seven year old child possibly do to anger someone to the point of her murder? I realize hatred and prejudice are also lumped into this category but still ruled out Anger or Wrath. That left me with “Wealth and Greed” which I feel has everything to do with what happened to Raven Jeffries.

You may be asking what “Wealth” could a young seven year old girl have to offer anyone? The sad but oh so true answer is her body. This was Raven’s great “Wealth” that she had to offer. Raven Jeffries did not offer her body but rather it was taken by some sick depraved animal. As you can see I am writing haphazardly, “Lust” better describes what motivated this person than “Greed”, but greed was how I was thinking at first, that this person used their own “greed” to satisfy their sexual desires.

Raven Jeffries

Recently Raven Jeffries went missing August 4, 2006, a body has been found that was burned and is waiting on DNA to confirm whether or not that it is Raven Jeffries. Clothes have been reported to match the clothing that Raven Jeffries was wearing when she disappeared. It does seem to be a long time waiting for the DNA to come back, the found the body this past Monday. Was the body burned to cover up a rape on young Raven Jeffries? First of all, we do not know for sure that this body belongs to Raven Jeffries, if it does turn out to be her body, the police should have a fairly easy job of determining who is responsible. Raven’s mom (Brenda Jeffries) went out for charcoal and lighter fluid just after Raven went missing. She has not shown much of any emotion since her daughter disappeared.

19-year-old David Hosler is Raven Jeffries older brother, he has been quite emotional throughout this ordeal. The police have said that they do not consider him a suspect. The police may just be saying that to let him slip up, something does not sit right with her brother IMO. I have always gone with my gut instincts about cases and they have not failed me once. Families often turn out to be involved and I believe this will turn out to be the same in the case of Raven Jeffries.

David Hosler is seen getting into a brawl of sorts, from the short video clip it appears that David has some boxing skills, this is surely not the first altercation that he has been involved in. In another video he is seen emotional also, so far it seems many have decided that young David just cares about his sister dearly. I am not so sure of this.

There have been some warrants served in the Raven Jeffries case, they were served at a local storage facility located at 23325 Van Born Rd.Taylor, MI called Metro Storage. If you click the preceding link it will take you to their website.

Young Raven Jeffries if she was murdered, was not murdered because she did anything or saw anything, she was murdered because the sick SO raped her and then to cover up the rape decided murder would be HIS/her next best option.

From ClickonDetroit.com

Investigators served at least two search warrants in the city of Taylor in connection with the girl’s disappearance, Local 4 reported. Employees at Metro Storage in Taylor said police spent several hours at the site and left at about 3 a.m. Friday with evidence, the station reported.

Now I find myself in an odd position, I am sitting patiently or not so patiently on waiting to publish this. I do not want this to be accusing on the family if it is not warranted. There are some odd peculiarities with this family and they have told varying accounts of that evening when Raven went missing. The police have continued to question both the big brother and mom. One strange thing that I have read over the last few days is that this family had a friend that was a sex offender. Some one please put a bullet in my head with my name on it and color me stupid if I ever befriend a sex offender and introduce them to my family.

LE had to have “probable cause” to serve out their warrants at the storage facility. Since the warrants were served shortly after talking to both the mom and the brother telephonically, I am just connecting the dots. It appears to this author that the family are who placed LE on the trail of “Metro Storage,” at this time the public has no clue as to whether or not these warrants were fruitful.

Lately it just seems like crimes are being copied, in Iraq a body is burned to cover up the rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl, in Romulus Michigan a body is burned of a young girl under the age of fourteen.

I looked over the database at the NVFC (National Voice For Children) and reviewed all children that have died since being entered into the database since may 15, 2005 forward. Out of 46 children that have died, roughly 50% are split up between male and female. The top cause of death for males is accidental drowning and a few drowning cases we can not rule out foul play. Secondary cause of death for males is suicide followed by murder. A look at the females that have died and the primary cause of death is murder and over 90% of these murders involve rape. Eight girls, all under the age of ten have been raped and murdered, three remain unsolved.

I look at all these cases and the overwhelming amount of violence towards young girls and women far outweighs the dangers of males. These statistics do not represent the overall statistics but still give me a base for coming to decisions. One thing that can skew the stats not to be read accurately is the fact that if young males are sexually abused, they are less likely to talk about it out of shame. Their fear of talking about it could be one of the reasons that suicide is higher among the young males at the NVFC.

Three out of the five young girls murdered have been murdered by young men between 20 and 25. Two of which were twenty years on age. The other two murderers were 48 year old Jeffrey Robert Martin charged with the murder of Gabrielle Bechen and 35 year old Simon Rios charged with the murder of Alejandra Gutierrez. Amber Harris, Adre’Anna Jackson and Evelyn Miller remain unsolved murders for girls younger than ten and Kayla Reed’s murder remains unsolved.

Movies, television, books and rap music, along with many other things (pc games) have always been blamed for an increase in crime. I do not buy into this theory. I know my dad use to like the “Three Stooges” but he never hit me over the head with a hammer. Just the nightly news reporting on crime and Court TV are enough to give weak and depraved minds ideas on how and how not to commit crimes.

Clearly this is a problem for which we do not have any answers. I wonder if Lewellen (played by Dakota Fanning) is murdered at the end of the film “Hounddog?” They say that life imitates art, if art imitates life itself, then Lewellen would die in the film. I have been forwarded emails from concerned citizens against this film. Many are in outrage over the exploitation of twelve year old Dakota Fanning. I agree these people have a point, the exploitation on Dakota was already done during the filming, boycotting the project may only further exploit her. Clearly all the outrage over this film is TOO LATE in my opinion, the outrage now probably will just be a catalyst for box office sales. Negative publicity is better than none at all. I do believe Dakota is capable of making a decision to do this film to bring the message to people through film of all the dangers of child abuse, if this is the case, then boycotting the film could have a very reverse and negative effect on the young actress. If Dakota Fanning believed she was going through the ordeal to save other children from being victimized, then halting the project after she has ALREADY filmed the tough scenes can be detrimental to her.

I wonder where all the people that are in protest were when they knew that the film project was coming to North Carolina? I am sure many people moved mountains to get this film filmed in their own backyard. Personally I think some good can possibly come from this film. Life is about risks and sacrifices, clearly just being a young star in Hollywood will mean sacrifices. This may be a risk and sacrifice Dakota was willing to take to bring child abuse to the forefront. Clearly our methods in place are not working but I can and will not make a negative judgement against this film without the viewing it beforehand. If and when “Hounddog” comes to the screen, I will go and see it. It would be ignorant for me to condemn the film otherwise.

What is the price we pay? Everything is about the bottom line, even when it comes to protecting our children, there will always be a question whispered.How much does it cost?

This entry will be updated and information will be added as needed.

Update 08-14-2006

ClickonDetroit has an update but it is merely filler news as everything that is written is a re-cap of the case, they are like everyone else awaiting the autopsy report.

I found the text below in italics in a search return also, it apparently goes to a news station in Detroit called DETNEWS | NewsTalk the comment was sent in by a reader and seems to sum up what many feel about the family.

Web Results
Page 1 of 1,018 results containing family claiming Raven Jeffries, (0.59 seconds)

DETNEWS | NewsTalk

We have one family claiming Raven Jeffries,but no family claiming the burned body;VERY STRANGE!!We also have a very “calm” mother and a equally “over emotional” brother,but still no “OTHER” family is …
o forums.detnews.com/feedback/lettersindex.cfm
o Cached page
o 8/12/2006

Update 08-14-2006 1:30pm

Body identified as missing 7-year-old Detroit girl

It has now been confirmed that the body does belong to Raven Jeffries. I held off on publishing this entry as I wanted to wait until it had been confirmed. I was 98% sure that the result would come back just as it did. Now what needs to be answered is how Raven Jeffries a seven year old girl ended up being murdered and most likely raped although this is further speculation on my part and has not been confirmed yet. Who committed this crime and why! I suspect that the answers relies close to home, possibly friends of David, David himself and of course there are unanswered questions as to why Brenda Jeffries was buying charcoal and charcoal lighter late Friday evening shortly after Raven disappeared.


DETROIT — Authorities plan to announce today that the burned body of a child found last week in a Romulus field is 7-year-old Raven Jeffries.

The body was identified using DNA samples, said Maria Miller, spokeswoman for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

An Amber Alert was issued for the Detroit youngster on Aug. 4. She was last seen playing in front of her brother’s home on McDonald Street in southwest Detroit. Since then, family and friends have held daily vigils outside her home praying for her safe return.

Detroit and Romulus police along with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office will hold a joint press conference in downtown Detroit at 3 this afternoon.

Update Monday 08-14-2006

I knew the family was suspicious from the very beginning, always trust your gut instincts. It seems like the “Metro Storage” referred to earlier in this entry was nothing more than an attempt to throw police off course. I was right that the family tossed that out to LE when I suspected that they sent the police there after they were interviewed. This case is unfolding and like too often the suspect or suspects are very close to the Jeffries home. Brenda Jeffries was way too calm and David was way too emotional.

More news from ClickonDetroit.

The burned body of a girl found in Romulus last week is missing Detroit girl Raven Jeffries, DNA tests confirmed on Monday.

Raven, 7, was last seen on McDonald Street in southwest Detroit outside the front door of her home at about 7 p.m. on Aug. 4, according to police and Local 4 reports.

The Wayne County prosecutor’s office, the Romulus Police Department and the Detroit Police Department announced the DNA test results in a news conference on Monday afternoon. Authorities said the match was achieved through a liver sample from the body and Raven’s parents.

A cause of death for Raven was not given, but authorities said her body was badly burned and decomposed.

Authorities said there are several suspects they are investigating, including family members, according to Local 4.

Police also said that information about a storage facility in Taylor being searched last week was misinformation.

Investigators said last week that the clothing of the girl found dead matched Raven’s clothing, according to the child’s friends. Police also examined Raven’s baby teeth and bedding in their investigation.

Stay with Local 4 News and ClickOnDetroit.com for the latest developments.

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