Now I was wondering why we have never heard of the Bra Murder, well it just does not sound good but The Brassiere Murder does have a slight ring to it. Maybe not quite as salacious as The Bikini Murder or The Bikini Strangler. So add in time and MSM and you now have juicy headlines, headlines that would not have been seen in the news back in 1961.

Betty Gail Brown died back in 1961 in much the same method that was used to murder Tiffany Souers. Both women were University students and both women were murdered by a brassiere if you will, the only difference in Tiffany Souers case is that that bra was part of a bathing suit, thus we have The Bikini Murder.

Betty was 19 when she was found strangled to death in her car while parked in her driveway. It was her own bra that had been used to strangle her shortly after retuning from an biology exam that morning.

In the beginning police interviewed ex-boyfriends, they even questioned a married man that had been in Ms. Brown’s diary, and they gave lie-detector tests to students at Transylvania.

A few years later, Alex Arnold a drifter confessed to the crime but a jury could not reach a decision and the case was never re-tried. That brings us to June 2006 and the day of technology, DNA did not exist, at least not the science of it back in 1961. So police have re-opened the cold case in hopes that they may solve this case with “touch DNA”, which is DNA that comes from skin cells sometimes left behind when a person touches or rubs against an item.