What happened to Kelsey Smith?Edwin R Hall AKA “JACK” has been arrested and charged with the strangulation murder of Kelsey Smith. LE has made statements that Kelsey and Edwin Hall did not know each other prior to the incident caught on tape. There is no doubt that the man in jail is one and the same as the JACK person portrayed on Myspace. LE has stated that this person is one and the same as that person who is seen entering and exiting the Target store. The abduction video on Youtube is hard to tell what is really going on. I have read many different interpretations to what happened as well as many who can not even see the victim or Edwin. LE has the fortunate ability to have the video enhanced and are able to view it much better than the online video available. Clearly the video is not as clear as the Carlie Brucia video was of the actual abduction. Maybe with time we will be able to see a clear abduction with the same enhancements that were made to the Brucia video.

Why did Jack pick Kelsey?

This case is ongoing but from what is known now, there is not any prior connection. The word stalking has been used in this case and normally stalking means, targeting someone you know and following them. Although celebrity stalking involves strangers becoming obsessed with a person they most likely have not had any previous contact with.

Video of Kelsey entering Target is very clear and clean. This video gives us our best answer as to why Kelsey was chosen. One thing that comes to mind is the old Nair commercial, “We Wear Short Shorts.” Clearly there was nothing wrong with her attire and any well maybe not any female should wear short shorts, there is no reason to expect that it would rise to a level in which one was abducted. Remember the sick person is Edwin R. Hall if indeed he is the one responsible. The pending autopsy should provide strong evidence towards his apparent guilt.

Crimes of this nature, are driven by choice. They are not a random opportunity or an eenie meenie minie moe selection process. So we have to ask ourselves, is it necessary to dress with a burlap sack to prevent someone from paying us attention if we are cute? There is no doubt that Jack picked Kelsey because he was attracted to her. Would he have noticed her had she been dressed more conservatively? These questions are sort of like Monday quarterbacking. My own wife changes clothes that she wears around the house or outside when she goes to Walmart or anywhere else in public. Should women have to feel this way?


Everyone knows that Myspace is the most evil place on the planet and if you have a profile that is odd or different, then you are an outcast and most likely a murderer and a child molester. Before Jack was outed in this case, there were several other people who were outed as possible people that were responsible for killing Kelsey. Since Jack has been outed, there are still new people with their profiles being tied to the killing of this young girl. Even friends of hers on Facebook are being said to be connected with her killing. Thats the beast of the Internet, anyone with a computer can post anything without repercussion for the most part. With the five to ten profiles that have been tied to her murder, we know only one person is responsible so many innocent people have had their lives changed unfairly and even possible death threats. Does Myspace even have any connection to this case? NO and I am sure when trial comes around all those will see that it does not play a part at all in this proceeding. So to all the those who have too much time on their hands and think they are crime solving, pay attention to the lives that you may be hurting that have no involvement.

The Wife and Son

Mr. Hall is married and has a four year old son and from all accounts was and has been a very good father. If he did abduct Kelsey that night and kill her, his son is a victim. His wife as well has been put under the knife and scrutinized for every single word she posted on her myspace. It is clear that she had nothing to do with this case and she does not deserve to be outed via the Internet.

Who is Edwin R. Hall?

Many details have emerged over the past twenty-four hours as to his troubled past. He was adopted into a home at age seven, prior to that he was in state custody. What happened to Edwin before age seven is what interests me most. I have not heard about his life before age seven. The Halls have mentioned the reason they chose Edwin was they hoped they could change his life for the better. Right now I can only speculate as to what he may have faced as a toddler. An interesting article from Des Moines lists many troubling events from age seven on up til he was fifteen and removed from the Hall’s. He was then back in four different correctional facilities until he was 18.

These two paragraphs had particular meaning with this case, especially the latter.

Iva Rath of Sioux City said Hall briefly dated her teenage daughter. She said the two broke up after Hall admitted he was married and had a 2-year-old child.

Rath said her daughter met Hall at a Sioux City shopping center. She said he was working for a cabinet-making company in Sergeant Bluff and was living with a friend at a Sioux City motel.

Edwin met this girl at a mall shopping center, much like he met Kelsey Smith at the Target shopping center.

One of the repeated and much debated things in the Kelsey Smith case is how did Hall get Kelsey to become “compliant?” To this there is no end to the wild theories and some not so wild. A stun gun, knocking her out, tying her to the steering wheel and the list goes on. The video I have seen is not clear enough for me to render an opinion of what happened. Here is where the controversy comes in, how did Edwin get Kelsey to drive with him or her for twenty miles to the murder location across state lines? Was he charming like Ted Bundy? The video looks like he bum rushed Kelsey but that remains to be seen.

Edwin R. Hall Serial Killer?

Personally I do not believe Edwin to be a prolific serial killer. Has Edwin ever killed before? Possibly but I hope not. Looking at the Kelsey Smith abduction and murder, this crime was sloppy, not planned out and downright lazy. It looks more like a crime of opportunity and something went wrong. Did Edwin feel that Kelsey would go along with his advances like girls had done in the past? and when she did not go along with his advances, he then killed her? Too many questions, many of which will be answered by the autopsy report. There is one case/abduction of a Kansas girl named Kara Kopetsky that I believe there is a strong chance that Edwin may be involved with. I hope I am wrong and hope that Edwin has not killed before if he indeed killed Kelsey which seems apparent, however all the facts are not in.

The Abuse Excuse

It is thrown out there all the time! I hate to see it used to attempt to excuse behavior. However it will continue to be raised. In the case of Mary Winkler, it was raised, and the mere mention of events (never proven) was enough to let her get away with murder. Mary did not have a troubled past and there was nothing in her entire life that documented abuse, nevertheless, a jury in Tennessee let her off scott-free. Hall has had a very troubled past and there was probably a very abusive past of him as a toddler and that is why at age seven he was in the custody of the state. I hate to use the word sociopath but I believe it fits with Hall. He displayed that in this crime. He went about things matter of factly, not to be confused with methodical. The lazy part is what made Edwin stupid, many would use the word brazen to describe him. He drove back to drop off Kelsey’s car and pick up his truck, thank goodness Edwin was not a walker and had he chose to park a few blocks away, there would not be video of him returning and picking up his truck when he did.