The Brook Bennett story.

At a time when most parents are wondering how to protect their children from online dangers such as Myspace or other social networking sites, kids now have to wonder if the online predator luring them is a family member, like Uncle Michael Jacques or Stepdad Ray Gagnon. Children really have it rough when they can not count on those her are suppose to protect them like mom. Mom in this case is Cassandra Gagnon, a mother who was married to Ray Gagnon and whose sister is currently married to Michael Jacques. Both sisters decided on sex offenders and pedophiles for their choice in a mate.

This entry will not include much as far as links to Press Conferences etc, I will try to include a few helpful things like this affidavit. It will cover my views and thoughts on this case since June 25, 2008. The concocted story of a hospital visit was my first clue, not many twelve year olds would come up with that one, coupled with knowing her uncle was the last person to see her, I immediately suspected him of having everything to do with her disappearance. I questioned why she was spending the night with him, at the time I did not know he was a registered sex offender nor did I know the details why he was, momma sure did. That did not stop her from allowing Brooke to spend the night in the home of a sexual offender.

Almost, well actually that very day, I received a phone call and the person I talked to brought up the Brooke Bennett case and was wondering if I had knowledge of it. It was both of our opinions that Brooke would not be found alive. Our first instincts became true as we now today that authorities in Vermont have found the body belonging to Brooke, autopsy will confirm later.

Having seen some of the news come out and how Brooke was to be initiated into a sex ring, I caution everyone to use logic on what really was happening and how it came to happen. First of all, I believe Brooke was sexually assaulted on the evening of June 24, 2008. The following day she was seen on video surveillance with her Uncle and she clearly looked to already be uncomfortable. The story that Vermont state police are going on is that of a 14 year old girl who helped the Uncle lure Brooke back to his home. Much of what she is saying is true, I am not convinced that 100% of what she has told is correct. This Uncle and all his perversions could not have waited patiently through the night into the following day, setting up his presence on video to then go home in the afternoon and have sex, that term does not even write well, he could not wait that long to abuse and rape Brooke.  No in my mind, he had his way with her the night before, the following day when he no longer wanted Brooke she was to be passed off to other members of the sex ring, most likely Ray Gagnon, otherwise why would he be trying to obstruct justice by getting rid of evidence.

There are tons of articles/stories on these events, more will be coming out, I hope that mommy dearest, Cassandra Gagnon will be charged as well as Denise Jacques, both of these sisters knew exactly what their husbands and former husbands were capable of yet they did nothing. They actually facilitated the abuse and murder of Brooke Bennett and the sexual abuse of A.R. Brooke’s 14 year old cousin who lured Brooke to her death.

To be continued

ETA Just read the affidavid on Ray Gagnon and what I expected and wrote above, we now know that 14 year old cousin has lied and recently to the Vermont State Police in the course of their investigation, like I said above, I believe a lot of what she has to say not everything and at this time I do not feel the true story is out there.