Two years is enough time for a case to have been considered to have gone cold. Police in Syracuse New York say that if you commit a crime in their town they will not stop until the case is solved.

Maryann Valentin was shot and killed in the early morning hours of August 23, 2004. Her body was found in a parking lot of the apartment building that she lived in. Hundreds of leads poured in over the years. Calvin Moore who is currently in jail on other charges, is now charged with second degree murder in the death of Maryann Valentin. It is alleged that he and Maryann had a dispute over drug money. Knowing what the dispute was about now, it seems hard to believe this case could have remained cold for nearly two years.

Jennifer Stelter

Jennifer Stelter215159400_m.jpgis also charged in this case, she has been charged as an accessory after the crime, she drove the get-away-car. Jennifer has a Myspace webpage and her signature is “The Greatest Sin is Fear”. Jennifer does not seem the type to get mixed up with a two-bit street thug like Calvin. Also listed on her profile is Jennifer Stelter, 23, of Baldwinsville exactly how her name and age is in the police arrest sated below from the source article.

Police also arrested Jennifer Stelter, 23, of Baldwinsville

I am pretty sure that Jennifer Stelter, 23, of Baldwinsville is the one and only Jennifer Stelter, Baldwinsville.

Jennifer Stelter has her own dance studio and and she has an online website. Here is how she lists her companies on Myspace.
Jennifer’s Companies
Jean Stelter Dance Studio
Baldwinsville, new york US
Dance Instructor/Choreographer, Assistant Director
Sept. 1998-Now

Jean is also a “Member of the Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce” as stated on her site. The dance studio is named “Jean Stelter.”

Jennifer does not at all seem like the type that got mixed up in this, she was two years younger which would place her age at 21 at the time of the murder. She may have had some troubled times but she seems far away from this murder by looking at her Myspace profile. In fact her Myspace was logged into today, maybe by her maybe by LE. That night in August 2004, Jennifer may have had no idea as to what Calvin was doing, she may have driven off in a panic and Calvin may have threatened her if she ever dared to say anything.

I have know idea what will come of her arrest, she may be involved or may be a lot more innocent than we think.
Jenn’s apparent mugshot.
Jennifer Stelter
Syracuse Police make an arrest in 2004 murder