A life so precious

Brianna…… I told you when I first started writing here, that I would never forget you. I promise you I never will. When I first told of your brief life, I had no idea that it would effect me the way you have. I know what I wrote was truly great, because I felt it and I felt you. I still feel you baby but you are growing up now, just a couple years older than my son. Who by the way looks like he could be your younger brother.

Now I do not want to go making promises I can not keep, I told you I loved you and I always will. I told you that you would never be forgotten and you never will. However Brianna, you have made me come out of retirement so to speak. Just a couple of days ago I said that I was putting down my pen because I no longer felt compelled to write. I meant it, one should never try to write what someone else has written better. (good advice for other bloggers) I set the bar high when I first wrote about you, over a couple hundred entries since and not one entry can measure up to what I wrote for you last June 22nd. 2005.

What propels me to write today, comes from the oddest of all places, a jail cell. Those animals who killed you have had their appeals overturned.

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) – The state Court of Appeals has overturned the convictions of three family members sentenced to prison for the death of a five-month-old Las Cruces girl.

The appeals court has ordered separate trials for the child’s father, Andy Walters; mother Stephanie Lopez; and uncle Steven Lopez.

The court found that their constitutional right to confront and cross-examine their accusers was violated when they were tried together in September 2003.

Brianna Lopez died July 19th, 2002. Prosecutors say she’d been beaten and sexually assaulted.

Walters and Steven Lopez were convicted of charges including child abuse resulting in death. Stephanie Lopez was convicted of negligent child abuse resulting in death.

Yeah thats right honey, mommy, daddy and your effin uncle have all been granted a new trial. It seems like New Mexico and their court of appeals felt that they did not receive a fair trial. I think the Supreme Court needed to ask you if what you received from your own family was fair.

I told you I would not make promises that I can not keep, believe me sweetheart, I wish I could hand down their sentences. I would not be so kind as the first court was. For what they did to you Brianna, none of them should ever see daylight in the free world. You have taught me to be better though and not be vengeful.

I do not know what is around the corner, life was never fair for you in the short time you were here. You and I both think that when we catch the person who committed such a heinous crime that we could manage to put them away, this however is not always the case.

Brianna, the injustices that happened to you, are still happening to other children, it happened to Anna Svidersky, the bad man who killed her should have been in jail or locked up somewhere, she can be like your older sister. She had many friends and I know she will watch over you.

Before I go Brianna, there are two things. First of all, I am going to include your first entry here for all of those who are not familiar with what happened to you and I am going to add a contact form for all those who are outraged at what has happened to you, for us to unite and make sure that Andy Walters, Stephanie Lopez and Steven Lopez all receive the justice deserved.

My name is Brianna Lopez

A life so precious

This is my story, life as a victim.

I was born February 14, 2002, Valentine’s day and I was premature. I was curious about the outside world and had no idea what it had in store for me.

Where do I start to begin my story? In my brief five months here on earth, it was filled with so much pain. I have been told by angels that childhood is suppose to be full of joy. I did not know any of this.

Not once did I have a friendly face to reach out to or a hand to hold onto. Instead, no one answered my cries. Not crying from being hungry or tired but crying from my ribs being broken. I was beaten and bitten by the only family I knew.

One night my parents were drinking beer again with my uncle. My mother passes out and leaves me with my dad and his brother. They continue to drink while playing games by throwing me into the air, and not always catching me. Where is my mother? Where is anyone to help me? What more do I have to endure? Then my uncle rapes me, I am only five months old. My injuries are severe and my anus is torn. I lay here crying while my dad and his brother fall asleep.

The following day, they awake and realize that I am not well. They rush me to the hospital but it is too late for me. I have a broken skull and several broken bones. I also have bite marks and internal injures from being raped by my uncle.

My injuries are documented by my autopsy photos. This is the only picture available of me because during my brief life my family never took a single picture of me.

I am not sad now and I am smiling down from above, smiling at mommy, the only mom I have come to know. Susana Martinez, District Attorney that worked so hard to pass my bill, Brianna’s Bill.

What happened to me should happen to no child.

Remember me always,

Love, Brianna