Carlie Brucia

We all see different things when we look at pictures, people and events. Dateline the television show has even done specials where people being shown the same video who all will see something different. The same goes for the video of Joseph Smith abducting Carlie, I have seen this video over and over again and even played it frame by frame. What I see is Carlie walking off with someone she recognized, the video clip is quite short so we only get a few seconds to draw our conclusions. I remember back at that time there were several guests on cable news shows speculating on why it was so easy for Joseph Smith to get Carlie to go off with him. IE He was an adult in position of authority and his uniform indicated that. Others I know did not see Carlie walking off and felt she was pulling away from Smith. Each and every time that I watched that video I have come to the same conclusion and that is that Carlie walked off with Smith without putting up a struggle.

Orlando Salinas for Fox news was covering the Carlie Brucia abduction at that time back in 2003. He reported that there were rumors that were out in the community that Susan Schorpen and Joseph Smith knew each other from a neighborhood bar. I remember at this time I looked to try and find out if these two did indeed know each other but was able to find nothing that corresponded with what Orlando Salinas reported so I have to give him the nod as he was in the community and I believe he is a stand-up reporter. If Smith did know Carlie’s Mom it would explain to me why Carlie went with him without putting up a struggle in the video.

The very first entry that I wrote in this blog was about Brianna Lopez and the horrible things that happened to her. Stephanie Lopez, 19 at that time, Brianna’s mother, is spending twenty-seven years behind bars. Her father Andy Waters, then 21 received 57 years in prison while her uncle received 51 years. This was and still is one of the most troubling cases of child abuse that I have seen. Then there was Evelyn Miller and her home life was in turmoil, there were calls to the Miller residence and DHS had filed reports also. It is hard on the Christie family not know whether or when or what charges will be filed in the case of their granddaughter. The list goes on and on and on, children being abused by the very family that is supposed to love and cherish them.

Susan Schorpen has to be added to this list of abusive parents because she was no better.

From NBC2 News they state on 1,11,2006 that the police were called to the former residence of Susan 69 times since 1992!!!!! That is over six visits per year. In my entire life I have not had one visit.

SARASOTA — A woman whose public pain was witnessed by millions across the country is no stranger to law enforcement.Sarasota deputies have made 69 trips to the home of Susan Schorpen since 1992, not including visits regarding the murder of the woman’s daughter, Carlie Brucia.

Schorpen is now accused of stealing thousands of dollars from her father, who lives in Deep Creek in Charlotte County. Deputies have not found her yet, but former neighbors say they aren’t sorry she’s gone.

They say her problems began long before her personal tragedy.

“She never seemed together or with it. She always seemed chaotic,” said neighbor Mark Mangano.

Mangano lived right next door to Schorpen, but he says he hasn’t seen her for months.

The Charlotte County investigation didn’t shock him.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all. Until she gets her act together and takes responsibility for the things that have happened in her life, she’s not going to change,” Mangano said.

Schorpen was arrested twice in Sarasota, including a domestic battery charge.

“We didn’t like having the police show up in the mornings. We came back from vacation and heard police were chasing someone through our yard. Nobody wants that,” Mangano said.

Charlotte investigators think Schorpen is somewhere in Sarasota, but they won’t be looking at her former address. The property is up for sale.

Neighbors hope it sells soon so they can put the sad story behind them for good.

Now some people think I may be being too harsh on Susan Schorpen, certainly not Joe Brucia, about the troubled life that she leads and lead before the murder of Carlie. I did note early on here that I did some reading yesterday, obviously I must have had time if I read the National Enquirer.


Her Ashes Are Left In A Crackhouse


Murdered schoolgirl Carlie Brucia didn’t deserve this. The National Enquirer has learned that her mother Susan Schorpen, an admitted drug user, left her slain 11-year-old daughter’s ashes in a seedy crack den six months ago. The ashes were in a small copper urn which was left inside the sordid house used by prostitutes and drug addicts.

It’s the final, cruel hurt for poor Carlie,” said a friend.

When we broke the sad news to Carlie’s father, Joe Brucia, he said angrily: “It’s unconscionable — the most horrible thing I can think of. It sheds light on the real Susan Schorpen.”

Blond, blue-eyed Carlie gripped the nation’s attention in February 2004 when her kidnapping was caught on tape by a car wash security camera in Sarasota, Florida. Her body was found five days later near a country church. She’d been raped and strangled.

Joseph Smith, a 38-year-old mechanic, was found guilty of the brutal crime and on December 1 a Florida jury recommended the death sentence. In an exclusive interview with The National Enquirer, family friend Thelma Underwood, 45, revealed how she learned of the way Susan heartlessly left her dead daughter’s ashes. Thelma said she was dating Susan’s brother Kurt when they drove to the home of one of his friends. As he left, a man approached their truck’s window.

Thelma said: “A man came running out of the house with an urn. “He thrust it through the window. ‘Can you take this?’ he asked. ‘It’s Carlie. Susan left her remains here and I don’t know what to do.'”

According to Thelma, when Kurt saw the urn he broke down in tears. “He recognized the urn right away,” she said. “‘That’s my niece’s remains,’ he told me.

“I later learned that the house we’d been to was used for prostitution and that crack cocaine was available there.”

Be it what the National Enquirer is, there is no way that they would run that story without confirming it. I have allude to the fact that I do believe the reports that Susan and Joseph Smith knew each other, there are some reports that they may have known each other for a long time, dating back to when they both lived in upstate New York. It would not surprise me to find out that in some crack house somewhere there is a crack pipe that may have been shared by Susan and Smith.

It seems like I have written about this til I am blue in the face, but parents when they have children give up the right to live the wild party life of getting drunk, high on whatever, the below text was s written to parents yesterday and I could not agree more. Since I can not link to the entry itself because it is linked to a news source I will link to her blog.

Once again,not that it will do a damn bit of good, I want to address the single Mother’s of the world.Whatever your reason for being unattached,you made a decision to bring a helpless,innocent child into this zoo of a universe. That decision implies that you are ready,willing and able to perform the many,never ending duties of Motherhood.It means little sleep,crying babies with earaches,diapers every other minute( or so it seems at times ) hurried trips to the ER because the little one discovered how to stick a pea up their nose,or recently discovered how to climb.

When you decide to be a Mom,you need to LOSE the notion that you have the right to go out,find a boyfriend,a new hubby,or partner…because by God,you’re still young and deserve to have “someone” in your life.Well,you don’t have that right. Too often,everyday ,it seems,another boyfriend,stepdad,partner, ends up being charged with horrific child abuse or murder. You are responsible in that you brought this demon into their precious lives.You probably didn’t do it expecting it too happen,but you did it. That’s the bottom line. You need a break? Get a reputable sitter,go out for some fresh air..or a quick bite at a fast food joint. Go buy some extra diapers…or a book for the child. You need to “feel” loved? Look in the eyes of your child. Need a hug? Pick that baby up ! Want sex? You’re on your can take care of that problem by yourself…ALONE. Need an extra income? Get your fanny back in school so you can get a decent job. If you can’t do these things,then please,please consider putting your child up for adoption. Open adoption ( where you can visit your child ) is quite common today. You owe your child a chance to be raised in a loving,gentle, safe and secure home.There are many other ways to get help than grabbing some guy,and inadvertently,costing you your child. Or that child’s life.Think about it. Then ,for once,do the right thing. I’m not saying it won’t hurt…but making sure your child is safe from harm will ease any pain you might feel.
Below is just one more story of another child lost,because “Mom” THOUGHT she needed a man. Oh…you single Dads’…same applies to you.

Stephanie Lopez was asleep (actually passed out drunk) while her own daughter was raped and murdered by her own husband and brother. she was 19 at that time, inexcusable. Susan Schorpen was high during much of Carlie’s life, inexcusable. Joseph Smith killed Carlie and is the only one responsible for doing so, still Carlie was failed long before that day when Smith abducted her.

Susan Schorpen is currently missing in absentia. after taking off with a large sum of money that her father gave her for treatment with some people placing blame on the father for Susan’s actions, I am quite sure Susan came to him with a sob story on how she is turning her life around, most drug addicts do and her father wanting to believe that his daughter was serious gave her the money. Her choices are wrong here, not the fathers trust.

I can’t help but wonder what life would have had in store for Carlie if she had been living with Joe Brucia.