Adre'Anna video

This case has wreaked since the very beginning. Whatever happened to Adre’Anna, the answer lies within the Lakewood and Tillicum communities. Lately it seems as there are more than a few Internet followers, whether from forums or blogs that are sympathetic to both Jon Federicci and Yvette Gervais. I am not, the above picture of Adre’anna shows a young girl full of life, the video was shot last summer and to see the full video click here. I had seen a previous video that had the stepfather talking about Adre’Anna twice and neither time did he mention her name, he just referred to her as “Just bring the little girl home”.

Now onto Mama she does not fare much better in her video presence, she says in the comfort of her own home, “We’re lonely” and We’re just empty inside”. Notice her ability to speak for other people but yet what about Adre’Anna, who is speaking for her?

Adre'Anna video

In this same video Dave Jacobson is telling about panties he had in his collection from an ex-girlfriend. From the looks of this creep, I would hate to see what the women would look like that would date him. Jacobson has pictures of Adre’Anna displayed on his TV console inside his double wide, perhaps giving a clue to his sick obsession with Adre’Anna. He also says a pair of pants belonged to the little girl of his so called girlfriend. He then calls bone chips that police confiscated from his home as belonging to a chicken, sorry Dave, this is not Louisiana and shades of the movie Angel Heart.

Bags of cement were seen outside of his home but these bags seemed to have been there for quite some time. As an outsider looking in I am aware that a couple of bags of cement were found out in a dumpster by American lake. I personally do not think that cement has anything to do with Adre’Anna and I hope that I am right as to this matter. Local Law enforcement I am sure would be all over any new cement that had been poured recently in that area. If Jacobson has cement that was poured on his property prior to December 2, 2005, that may deserve a closer look depending on what exactly these bone chips turn out to be.

You can also see Jon Federicci in the beginning of this video.

According to the very own words of Jon Federicci, he claims himself that he walked Adre’Anna halfway to school that day. Very convenient Jon! leave yourself some wiggle room, had you walked her the entire way you could not as easily explain Adre’Anna as an abduction.

This writer definitely feels the answer lies very close to home, if not within that home. This is the time that the police need to turn up the pressure and have a full court press. There will be no apologies from this writer about her family as I know that they failed Adre’Anna/Andre’Anna Jackson in many ways and I just hope that they did not contribute to her death if she does not come out of this alive.

The National Voice for Children web site is offering a $1000.00 dollar reward to information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person/persons responsible for the disappearance of Adre’Anna Jackson submitted on confidential form below.