From early reports it appears as though James A. Dungy committed suicide. An 18 year old young man just does not pass away. Police have ruled out foul play and that does not leave much on the table. James had a MySpace web site and while it appears to have just been started this past month, he did put quite a bit of effort into it with graphics and did a good job with transparency with different pics and alignment. (the site will probably be pulled by the time you read this, if the site is even legitimate, but it appears to be his) We do have to be careful in todays age as there are some sickos that will create a site just for sick reasons and one of the signs is a site with few entries like this one. I did have to chuckle at what he listed for his occupation, he told his viewers to “ask ya momma”. He seemed to have a talent with putting together his MySpace page as he showed his likes, Randy Moss and the Oakland Raiders, money, weed, Snoop Dog and a wide variety of disney characters.
James Dungy
James had a couple of pics of himself that he displayed and they did show a somewhat militant attitude, I guess I am combining the captions like “Fuck the Police” or “FUCK FIRE, DON’T PLAY WITH ME OR U MITE GET BURNT”

The thing is James did not commit suicide because his father did not have a perfect season this year, in fact from reading Jame’s MySpace blog it did not appear as though he even cared about the teams his father coached. He did not use rubber razor blades and this was not for attention so I can not help to think he did this for personal reasons and from looking in it would seem that he had troubles with his family life. The timing is what makes me think this, four days before Christmas and during a time when Tony Dungy’s focus is all on the Indianapolis Colts.gun
The people that have commented on his blog today appear to be clueless as to what happened, only one of the comments mentions him being gone.
I guess I should have finished reading his blog, under books his likes are anything by the Black Panthers, Malcolm X and Cassius Clay AKA Muhammed Ali. I hated to earlier state his obvious militant attitude after the recent death that at this time is not classified suicide but looks to be heading in that direction.

This quote is from Jessica James, 18, who described herself as a close friend of James Dungy, said she and a group of friends went to the movies with him Monday night.

“He was cracking jokes, just being himself,” she said. “This morning, it was so surreal.”

She said Dungy “was just a really good kid, very laid-back. Unless you asked him, you’d never know he was Tony Dungy’s son.”

That is the exact same feeling that I got from reading his blog. you would never know that Tony Dungy was his father.