We are not always this lucky! I know I do not write about many positive things, it is not that I am a negative person but with so much abuse going on there are very few stories to celebrate.Erik Buran is one of them, of the thousands of children that go missing that are abducted few children have a happy ending. Robert Buran gets a second chance. We all need a second chance. Parenting is not the easiest job in the world and there is not one parent that has not failed their child at one time. I know Robert will use his second chance wisely and will make up for lost time.

Erik and Robert Buran

Life does not provide many chances like this and I wish Erik and his dad the

It is hard to say what makes one case special but I would not be honest if I did not admit that there are cases that grab me from the start. There have beeen several cases like Erik that has grabbed me. David Gonzales, Matal Sanchez, Evelyn Miller and Trinity Casey are just a few that stick out to me right now. Since getting invovled in Erik’s case I have had time to see what a great father Robert is. He has shown this consistently with his son. A picture is worth a thousand words and Robert has spoken well.

As for Karen O’Grady and her counterpart,  Steven Allen Streight,  I can not comment as little is known at this time other than they were found in Albuquerue New Mexico. (Myself, I though possibly they were in San Francisco due to some oddd hits on Erik’s web page within my site that came from a Wells Fargo bank, when I saw this I though maybe Karen had worked at a bank as a teller, this tip appears to have been fruitless.) I do not hold any animosity towards Karen at this point, no I am not saying a get out of jail card should be given by any means. Since this story had a happy ending, I would like to hope that it has been happy for Erik all along this ordeal and that he was treated well in the time he was away.