Breaking news is that Aarone was killed a year and a half ago.

We believe that Aarone was murdered in the home," said Acting Police Chief Terry Jones.

He said the girl’s father, Aaron Thompson, and his live-in girlfriend, Sheley Lowe, are "persons of interest."The father’s story seemed shady from the very moment that I heard the police chief tell it. He claimed that his daughter went missing after he told her not to have another cookie. It indeed was a very strange story that indeed put a lot of question into my mind about this father and the household.

There have been 28 call to this residence over the years but it was the photo seen here that gave authorities their first clue. The picture is a year and a half old. They then checked with
school officials and found that Aarone had not been enrolled in school.

Further suspicions were raised when the father would not participate in the search but the police chief still seemed to give the father the benefit of the doubt as he stated that people grieve in different ways. However police wanted to look in certain rooms of the house and the father did not give permission nor did he allow his other children to be interviewed.

The family has lived in this home for three year and are said to keep to themselves with the children playing in the backyard.

At this time the remains have not been found but the police have declared this a homicide investigation.