Krista Leigh Dorsey

Krista first came to my attention on July 8, 2005, two days after the body of Evelyn Miller was found. At the time I did not give her too much thought. Her age did stand out to me because she was only fourteen years old and there was some troubling information about her being in the company of one of her relatives, 27-year-old Alfredo Navarro Tristan.

Krista is a repeat offender, not like a sex offender but a runaway who runs away again and again. She also ran away August 20, 2005 and this may be her last time running away. A body was found September 11, 2005 that is thought to be Krista’s remains.

Forensic tests are being done now to determine if the skull and three teeth do indeed belong to Krista.

Children runaway for a reason! Period. Every child will have a different reason for running away. They may running from an abusive parent, relative, lover, step parents or foster parents. Taylor Behl never did runaway but still was a troubled teen. Heck most teenagers are troubled. That name does not even suit me as I too ran away and was a repeat offender when I was younger. Teens while growing up are very sensitive, I see so many young girls like Krista runaway every single day. The media does not care about these teens, I guarantee you if you call them they will tell you that runaways are not news and they can not cover a child that runs away. But yet Natalie Holloway can dominate the news for months and did not even go missing in the US.

Krista came home after her first disappearance what was done to find out the reason why she left in the first place? Was anything done to make her feel more comfortable? Honestly, I have no idea as to why she ran away, but whatever her reason was, it still existed for her to runaway on August 20, 2005.

Many people that I talk to or that email me tell me that people just do not care about the missing except when there may be a dead body. Sometimes I almost tend to have to agree. Why is it that a pretty face happens to be the only ones that gather much attention in MSM? If you are going to end up missing make sure that you are not overweight or perhaps ugly because MSM will not cover your story.

Sara Phillips is a repeat offender. (runaway)