Once upon a time, not too long ago, lived two women very much alive. Today both are dead, killed by Skulz. You see Taylor Behl and Pamela Vitale had a lot in common yet nothing at all. Both women were murdered and Goth with the shadow of darkness loomed.

Taylor had just gone off to college and by all means had her whole life ahead of her. Dreams of having children and finding the perfect mate were cut short by evil that was lurking from behind a mask of death. That evil was a young man named Ben Fawley, who long worshiped the Goth world and had a bizarre fascination with skulls no matter how you spell it.

Daniel Horowitz

Pamela was murdered by a troubled16 year old young version of Skulz. She was at home not even aware of the dark element outside her trailer door, she too had dreams, dreams of living in a new home built on a hill. This really was not a home but a mansion that came from many years of hard work as an attorney. Daniel Horowitz finally was putting his dream together also, it was money from his law career that paid for this mansion. Oh how THEY were quick to jump on Daniel, in most cases the husband is always looked at first and they certainly put Daniel under the microscope. News of Pamela having another lover sure could not have helped Mr. Horowitz at this time. Murder is ugly and along with it comes truths, rumors and outright lies and deception.

Pamela’s accused murderer at age 16 is suppose to have his identity shielded as he is still a minor. However earlier this evening I was emailed photos from his high school yearbook, and photos of his home. He too had plans, maybe dreams but they are over now for S.D. We will refer to him only by his initials as to honor the law in keeping his identity from the public, however the public already has his name from other media that broke this code of silence.
Skulz junior
Ben Fawley liked art and so did S.D. S.D. was taking art classes at of all places a school with devil in it’s name, Diablo Valley College. The face and name have been removed from this quote by Pamela Vitale’s alleged killer, Skulz junior. Can anyone really call this art? I guess it has it’s own place in the art world in a very dark corner called Deviant art.