Erik and Robert Buran


Why I care about Erik is easy to explain. I see a father in Robert Buran that very much loves his son. Robert’s eyes light up in every single photo he has taken with his son Erik. As a proud father myself it would be impossible not to recognize the way he feels about his son.

Erik was added to the data base one month after the National Voice for Children was started. At that time I also added a thread at Websleuths about Erik and his missing status. A couple of weeks back I was checking web stats and found several hits on Erik on my site. One of which peaked my curiosity, it was from a Well Fargo bank location in San Francisco. They had several visits to my site that seemed odd to me. I sent this information to Kelly from Project Jason and she was also curious and forwarded the information to Robert. Realizing now that I had posted back in June at Websleuths about Erik’s disappearance is how this person got to my page on Erik.

Details were known about Erik and his abduction. Erik was abducted by his non-custodial mother Karen O’Grady. They even know that a motor home was used and the make and model of this motor home. Lights go off in my head! Why were authorities not thinking? Two words: AMBER ALERT!!!! Could this have saved Erik and had him returned to his father! I am not going to Monday quarterback here, but chances are pretty good that they could have been located quickly.

Robert and Erik

I can not begin to comprehend the anguish that Erik’s dad is going through. He has put up a web site that has much more information on the disappearance and there life beforehand. Robert has concerns about the safety of Erik well in advance. Again drugs were used by Karen and her partner, something we see too often here.

Bring Erik Home
The “Cutest Little Boy” is a good read for a personal view of Erik and his homelife.