It may seem odd that I wrote this entry, however my choice for it was because sometimes your first instinct or gut instinct that is the best. I felt this way about these two the first time I heard of them and those feelings were reinforced when I saw the newspaper article referring to these two a while back. Why is it in some cases the prime suspect is right before law enforcement’s very eyes but sometimes it takes years to close a case. I feel Floyd county needs to take another look into these two and their whereabouts for the following 24 hours after they left the Miller residence at 2:30 am.

It is hard to tell if the investigation into what happened to Evelyn Miller is stalled or if they are making progress. Randy Patrie and Dan Slick in my opinion are the prime suspects. They showed up at the apartment after 2 am after having purchased a 12 pack of beer the prior half an hour before. Patrie said he received his discharge papers from the Department of Corrections on July 1, the same day Evelyn Miller disappeared.

The fact that Patrie was just released the very same day that Evelyn went missing is just too much of a coincidence for me. Not only does he show up at the Miller residence but does so at 2:30 am after drinking 5 beers.

I have not had a chance to see the CPS reports on Noel Miller but it does seem like this case has been handed to them (Floyd Sheriffs Office) on a platter.

On a lighter side, I am proud of the way Richard Christie has started a blog to keep the memories of Evelyn alive. She was such a precious little girl. This picture from Grampa Richards blog.