Para Siempre

 To those who have read this blog entry about Matal’s life over the past months it has come to my attention that some of what was written about Matal’s homelife may not have been true. Susi did not care for Matal herself but she had a nanny that took care of her children and it was that nanny that took care of Matal.

While Trisha’s account of what happened was verified by me and what she wrote mirrored what was written in a local paper in Oregon, there is really no way for myself to know if the paper verified Susi’s story in the first place.

Here is my reason for my retraction of this entry. There is too little known about Matal’s case and it is not fair to have such a negative portrayal of Matal. Much of what was said in the newspaper article could not possibly been based on fact. Diaper rash happens to all children and can worsen if they are taking antibiotics. I personally feel that the reporter was wrong at this paper for publishing this when there is no way he verified this before putting it in print.

Matal Sanchez

The family can not speak because of the upcoming trial and also the nanny of Matal has been asked not to comment.

I apologise to those that this story may have offended.

Child abuse is an ugly thing for everyone involved. I am sure they family has and will have to deal with the pain of Matal’s loss forever. If the family decides that they can share some insight into Matal’s childhood, I promise I will bring it to you. For now I leave you with Matal and I do believe he had a happy childhood. Look at that smile!